PEC and FC Utrecht do not win again, drama for the routine Janssen

PEC Zwolle and René Hake’s FC Utrecht continue to struggle. PEC was more entitled to the victory on Saturday than FC Utrecht, but both teams had to settle for a point.

From a Utrecht point of view, the first half was dominated by the disappearance of Willem Janssen. The routine was out of circulation for months with a serious knee injury, was allowed to start again in the base, but dropped out injured after barely half an hour. PEC had come closest to scoring at the time, but a distance attempt by Mustafa Saymak went over the crossbar. The same Saymak was still successful shortly after Janssen’s retirement. His use from distance was changed by Django Warmerdam, leaving goalkeeper Maarten Paes without a chance: 1-0.

FC Utrecht soon decided to make a little more effort: Simon Gustafson already smelled the equalizer before half time, but goalkeeper Michael Zetterer prevented that. PEC initially came out stronger from the dressing room and Immanuel Pherai was narrowly stopped by Paes, but the 1-1 fell after an hour of play. Mimoun Mahi received a sensitive pass from Gyrano Church and finished from a difficult angle.

PEC did not show up and went looking for a new lead, but was not very lucky. A hit by Jesper Drost was rejected after lengthy VAR deliberation and Eliano Reijnders hit the post. During the final phase there was no change in the score. Thomas Lam appeared to be getting his second red card of the season, but was spared by the VAR. FC Utrecht eventually came to ten points, PEC eight: both teams remain in the middle bracket of the Eredivisie.

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