Peak and cedula in Medellín and Aburrá valley from August 10 to 17 – Medellín – Colombia

In addition to confirming that Medellín and the other eight municipalities of the Aburrá valley will be quarantined during the weekend of August 16 to 17, the city authorities announced the rotation of the peak and ID measure for the following week to this restriction.

The Metropolitan Area of ​​the Aburrá Valley (AMVA) reported that the restrictive measure will apply to 9 of the 10 municipalities in the Aburrá valley, Girardota being the only exception.

The only difference, according to the piece published by the AMVA is that the strict quarantine would not start from Friday, as I had been for the last two weekends, if not since Saturday.

Monday 10: cards ended 0-1
Tuesday 11: cards finished in 2 – 3
Wednesday 12: cards ended in 4 – 5
Thursday 13: schedules finished in 6 – 7
Friday 14: schedules finished in 8 and 9

It is worth mentioning that the mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, has highlighted the effectiveness of the 4X3 model, since the city has already been under this model for several weekends.

Medellín reached the peak of the pandemic in a controlled way by the state of Total Care that has saved thousands of lives and the care of citizens, especially the elderly, “said the president through his Twitter account.

In turn, he stressed that it should continue to be applied for several more weeks:

Until this Saturday, there has been a good balance of the Quarantine for life in the Aburrá valley.

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According to the Metropolitan Police of Valle de Aburrá, since midnight on Thursday, a total of 484 subpoenas, 364 for violating the isolation measure, 16 for consumption of alcoholic beverages, 42 for crowds and 61 for not wearing masks.


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