PDIP vs 8 factions on Ahok’s problem open up Pertamina’s ulcers


PDIP defend Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or Ahok who exposed the shame of PT Pertamina (Persero). When the PDIP defended the President Commissioner (Komut) Pertamina That, 8 other factions in the DPR criticized Ahok’s move.

The beginning of the polemic about Ahok’s statement was because the former Governor of DKI exposed the problems that existed within Pertamina. Through a 6-minute video uploaded to the YouTube POIN account, Ahok exposed the question of directors who have a hobby of lobbying ministers to directors who prefer to be in debt and silence investors.

“He could even change directors without telling me, I was angry too, so all directors lobbied to the minister because it was the one who determined the minister. The commissioner was also deposited on average by the ministries,” Ahok said on the YouTube account.

Ahok said it has a way to solve this problem. One of them is an open auction.

“I cut the bureaucracy, Pertamina was promoted to use ranks, Pertamina’s reference level people have to work until SVP can be 20 years and above. I cut everything has to be open auction,” he explained.

Apart from exposing the hobbies of directors who like to lobby the ministry, Ahok revealed another problem, namely salary manipulation. Ahok said he often encountered problems related to salaries, especially in the position of managing director of a subsidiary.

“People are removed from the position of managing director of a subsidiary, for example, the salary of more than Rp. 100 million when their salary is removed is still the same, the reason is that he is an old person whose salary should follow your position,” said Ahok.

Ahok’s statement then received harsh criticism from members of the House of Representatives Commission VI Andre Rosiade. DPR Commission VI partners with BUMN, including Pertamina. Andre is furious at Ahok’s statement, which is considered to have caused a riot in the community.

According to Andre, Ahok as the main commissioner should help solve the problem, not expose Pertamina’s ‘shame’. The Gerindra politician then asked President Jokowi to remove Ahok.

Photo: Andre Rosiade (Jeka Kampai / detikcom).

“In my opinion, as a member of the House of Representatives Commission VI, the BUMN partner, it is useless for the President to retain Mr. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama as the Pertamina Commut. Why? First, yes, the person concerned always makes a lot of noise,” Andre told reporters, Tuesday (15/9 / 2020).

According to Andre, Pertamina’s internal problems were not to be blamed for the public. Andre also reminded Ahok not to make a scene

“The commut should have resolved it if there was a problem, repair it internally or report it to the Minister of SOEs, not indulging in the outside, causing uproar and giving a negative image to Pertamina, which is struggling in the second half of 2020 to return, get profits after the semester. first loss, right, “said Andre.

PDIP also defended Ahok who was a cadre. According to the PDIP senior elite, Hendrawan Supratikno, even though Ahok made a scene, it was for Pertamina’s good.

“Choose which one, rowdy but there is a change for the better or calm but the company’s disease is neatly tucked away in a drawer? Living peacefully in the status quo with all the depravity that can only be felt or fluctuating but are looking for solutions outside the norm? These are two points of view of a managerial approach. , “said Hendrawan, Wednesday (16/9/2020).

According to Hendrawan, Ahok’s attitude brought Pertamina’s enthusiasm for better change. Hendrawan assessed that if you want good changes in the body of PT Pertamina, it takes courage like the figure of Ahok. He also supports Ahok to dismantle rogue officials at Pertamina, but he reminds Ahok to keep his stance.

“This is like the gas and brake pedals. They are used in different conditions. Just look at the ‘sikon’, for SOEs whose disease is rusty, with crusted-folded sediments, it takes a high dose of courage to break through. In Iwan’s language. Fals, ‘unload!’ However, Ahok also has to ‘know the limits’, don’t let the brakes fail, “he said.

Ahok also received a defense from the PDIP DPP Chairman Djarot Saiful Hidayat. The former Deputy Governor of DKI, who once partnered with Ahok to lead the capital city, considered his friend’s statement for the good of Pertamina.

“For the good of Pertamina to become a healthy, clean, transparent and strong BUMN in managing oil and gas which is a basic need for all Indonesian people, the question that must be answered is whether the statement conveyed by Pak Ahok is correct or not?” said Djarot, Wednesday (16/9/2020).

If Ahok’s statement is correct, according to Djarot, the directors are responsible for improving Pertamina’s organizational governance. As Komut, Djarot assessed that Ahok was carrying out his duties of correcting and providing input to Pertamina.

“If it is true, then it is the responsibility of the board of directors to improve Pertamina’s organizational governance. Energy sovereignty should be realized in Indonesia which is rich in oil and natural gas resources. Pertamina is the spearhead that will determine whether our energy sovereignty can be realized or if we becoming increasingly dependent on oil and gas imports, “said Djarot.

“Komut has the responsibility to supervise and provide corrections and input so that corporate governance becomes better, more effective, and efficient and is able to achieve predetermined KPIs,” he added.


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