PDIP Secretary General Reveals Three Things Jokowi’s Direction ‘Ojo Kesusu’ Means to Projo


President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) gave directions ‘Ojo milk’ for the presidential candidate for 2024 to Pro Jokowi volunteers (Projo) in yesterday’s National Working Meeting. Secretary General PDIP Hasto Kristiyanto revealed three things that Jokowi’s directive meant.

“What was conveyed by President Jokowi emphasized that in relation to the presidential and vice presidential candidates, many aspects must be considered, including: First, looking at the situational context of the nation and state. Currently, the main focus is on racing to overcome the impact of the pandemic and global uncertainty. This is what President Jokowi emphasized. as a national interest that must come first,” said Hasto when contacted, Sunday (22/5/2022).

Hasto said that the second purpose of Jokowi’s directive was to look at the momentum. Hasto said that political calculations are also important to be taken into account.

“Second, look at the momentum. That based on the constitution, the presidential and vice-presidential candidates are nominated by political parties or a combination of political parties in accordance with the stages set by the KPU. Thus, there is a basis for strategic considerations for the future of the nation that should be prioritized in finding a leader,” he said.

“Besides that, it is also important to make political calculations to ensure the strong support of the people,” he continued.

Furthermore, Hasto said, in determining the presidential candidate to be promoted, it must go through clear and mature considerations. He said the figure of a leader sought must be able and able to be responsible for the future of hundreds of millions of Indonesians.

“Third, that with regard to national leadership, it must go through clear and mature considerations. Because what we are looking for is a leader who is able to carry out duties and responsibilities for the future of more than 270 million Indonesians,” he added.

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Arahan’Ojo Kesusu’

As is known, President Jokowi gave directions about the 2024 presidential candidate to all Projo volunteers during the National Working Meeting in Magelang, Central Java, yesterday. Jokowi asked Projo to be patient.

“Political matters? Ojo is having milk. Don’t be in a hurry,” said Jokowi in his remarks at the location of the V Projo National Work Meeting in Borobudur, Magelang, as reported by detikJateng, Saturday (21/5).

At the Projo National Working Meeting, the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, was also present. According to the analysis of several observers, the ‘Ojo Kesusu’ direction is a sign that Jokowi is leaning towards Ganjar regarding the presidential candidate. While in the PDIP circle, apart from Ganjar, there is Puan Maharani who is called a strong candidate for the 2024 presidential candidate.

See also the video ‘In front of Projo, Jokowi gives a signal to support Ganjar for 2024?’:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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