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Anzaldi (IV) sends a letter to Agcom: “Imbalances in a amount actively playing area”

“I sent this letter-uncovered through pec to the president of Agcom, Giacomo Lasorella, and to the commissioners Laura Aria, Massimiliano Capitanio, Antonello Giacomelli, Elisa Giomi”. Michele Anzaldi, the deputy of Italy alive, writes it on Fb. «Dear President, dear Commissioners, the region is struggling with an atypical and unparalleled electoral marketing campaign: the dissolution of the Chambers in the middle of summer months and the vote at the conclusion of September are unparalleled in Italian political record. For this – he claims – details will have to play an even a lot more decisive purpose in generating citizens knowledgeable of the proposals in the discipline, the lists that are presented, the distinct electoral choices ». «These 1st times of the marketing campaign, nonetheless, are bringing out quite significant imbalances in compliance with the Par Condicio. The reference designed with Resolution no. 300/22 / Negatives of 11 August does not appear to have experienced any impact, on the opposite the problem has even worsened, to the detriment of the 3rd Pole promoted by Italia Viva and Action. The official deposit of the symbols at the Viminale plainly exposed the existence of 4 major poles: the suitable of Meloni and Salvini, the left of Letta and Di Maio, the Terzo Polo of Calenda and Renzi, the 5-star motion of Conte. Regard for par condicio – continues the exponent of Italia viva – indicates providing equal area to these 4 coalitions, in a subdivision of talking instances that is about 25% every ».

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