PD officials don’t want me anymore


Ilham Arief Sirajuddin (IAS) revealed his reasons for leaving the Democratic Party and joining Golkar. IAS claimed to want to find a place that is more valued.

“First, I need an organization in which I and my ambitions to serve in a larger arena can be more respected,” said IAS in a statement as quoted from secondsSulselFriday (27/5/2022).

IAS then highlighted Ni’matullah who was chosen as the Democratic Chair of South Sulawesi even though he was only supported by eight DPC votes at the Musda, December 2021. Meanwhile, IAS, which won the Musda with 16 DPC votes, was not trusted by the DPP.

“Actually, I am like a warrior who is forced to swallow his own saliva. It is like fighting with a basket of water,” he said.

IAS also revealed another reason he left the Democrats. He felt that his presence in the Democratic Party was no longer wanted by the Democratic DPP elite.

“I can’t imagine if I have to stay in an organization where the top brass are at the center, I understand that they don’t want me anymore. Especially after the decision to appoint (Ni’matullah), no reconciliation efforts have been seen at all levels,” he said. IAS.

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