PC (Steam) version “Nioh 2 Complete Edition” trailer-released operation contents corresponding to maximum 4K and 144fps drawing | Game * Spark

Koei Tecmo Games is a PC (Steam) version of “Steam” scheduled to be released on February 5th through IGN.Nioh 2 Complete Edition』Trailer and operation contents have been released.

The PC version supports up to 4K, ultra-wide resolution, and HDR drawing. The maximum frame rate is 144fps including fixed 60fps and 120fps. It supports mouse, keyboard, and controller including key binding change.

The PC version of “Nioh 2 Complete Edition”, which operates smoothly with higher definition, will be released on February 5th. We are currently accepting pre-orders for 6,380 yen. As a limited benefit for the Steam version, “Adjustment valve back helmet” is available. The PS4 / PS5 version will be released on February 4th, the day before, for 6,380 yen for both the package version and the download version.


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