PC of the future, LG patented a 17-inch laptop with a roll screen

SEOUL – Time scroll screen arrived. Even if it’s new Smart television Currently on the market, other technological devices have entered the design phase. same cellphone with a rolled-up screen that will be released early next year. (Also read: Manufacturers are competing to show off mobile phones with rolled screens)

LG, TCL, Oppo, and Samsung have announced the rolled-up screen phone concept. Nowadays, this technology is entering the PC industry. Yes, LG can also try using this technology for future laptops.

Page GSM Arena Reportedly, LG’s latest patent (via RootMyGalaxy) demonstrates a completely new laptop form factor. This patent relates to a 17-inch screen that rolls up for storage. The screen can stretch anywhere from a screen size of 13.3 inches to 17 inches.

From the picture, it looks like the keyboard and touchpad can also be folded by themselves so they don’t take up space when not in use. It’s an interesting concept, and one wonders if and when LG will have a concept to show to the public. We’ll just wait.

LG is known for having circular televisions in the premium Signature range costing billions of rupees. They also came up with the name “Rollable” for smartphones with sliding screens. (Also read: Five phones will come with 100W fast charging and SD875)


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