PC Gaming Show 2020: the event dedicated to computer gaming dated

It’s the evening for the group’s editorial offices Futurebecause after the announcement of GamesRadar with the Future games show, this is PC Gamer who is talking about his event dedicated to the world of computer games. Yes, if you were thinking of escaping the not always interesting long presentation mixing hardware, technology and games, bad luck, it will still happen despite the cancellation ofE3 2020.

As announced on the dedicated website and via an article, the PC Gaming Show 2020 to be held on Saturday June 6, 2020 “alongside other game presentations as part of a larger day of programming on Twitch and other platforms”. It remains to know the nature of these other broadcasts. In any case, we will be able to discover many announcements, including unreleased titles, with trailers and gameplay. Here are a few words from Evan Lahti, the chief editor of PC Gamer :

PC gaming has flourished over the past decade because it is the only gaming platform that belongs to everyone. Some fantastic new games deserve recognition, and we look forward to making June 6 a day for spectators to find out what’s next.

The PC Gaming Show 2020 will be carried out in partnership with Intel, Epic Games Store, Tripwire Interactive, Frontier, Merge, Humble Bundle, Guerrilla Collective and Perfect world, expect to hear about the productions from the publishers on this list.

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