Pc bonus of 500 euros: how it works and how to request it

After the announcement of the Minister for Innovation Paola Pisano on 5 August, yesterday the European Commission gave the go-ahead to the vouchers provided to help families purchase PCs and improve their internet connection.

The bonus is 500 euros: 300 for the purchase of PCs and tablets and 200 for internet connectivity. In a first phase it will be dedicated to families with an ISEE under 20,000 euros. In a second phase, however, a voucher of 200 euros will be provided for broadband only and can also be used by families over 50,000 euros.

According to reports Sky TG24, for the first phase are available about 85 million that will be able to satisfy the requests of more than 173,000 families. You can receive the voucher for the purchase of PCs and tablets through a telematic platform, currently under construction but which should become operational as early as September.

Instead, to improve its connectivity, in addition to their ISEE, the user must declare that they have no internet connection or have one with a speed of less than 30 Mbps. To receive the bonus, simply apply to an operator who meets the connectivity requirements. The operator will then apply a discount on the fee or on any activation cost.

“Today we find ourselves faced with a society in which the use of technology has accelerated considerably following the Covid emergency. – declared the Minister of Economic Development Stefano Patuanelli – “The habits of daily life of families have changed and for this reason the Government has put in place resources and interventions to promote both the connectivity of schools, in order to guarantee teachers and students the use of innovative tools, and to support less affluent families with special vouchers. Everyone must have access to new technologies and to achieve this fundamental objective we are committed to encouraging and accelerating investments in digitization and diffusion of ultra-broadband, indicating them among the priorities of Italy in the context of the Recovery Plan “.

Archive photo, via Uihere

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