Payday 3 Release Date: September 21, 2023 – Latest Details and News

news for players waiting for the latest game from Starbreeze. The creators apparently supplemented the release date on Microsoft’s servers, because it was thanks to the American corporation’s database that we learned the details of the Payday 3 release.

At Summer Game Fest, there will apparently be no shortage of proposals for cooperation enthusiasts. If you’ve been waiting for years for the continuation of the most popular game about robbing banks, you can prepare your free time for the second half of September.

Aggiornamenti Lumia, which downloads data from Microsoft servers, has just confirmed great newsPayday 3 is scheduled to debut on September 21, 2023.

PAYDAY 3 | Release Date: September 21, 2023

You can say that “this is not official news yet”, but Aggiornamenti Lumia has repeatedly presented the premiere dates of the largest productions in front of publishers and producers. Companies complete catalogs before revealing details, and these are picked up by the whistleblower and tweeted. Recently, it was he who revealed the release date of the Polish Lords of the Fallen.

Payday 3 will probably be one of this year’s Summer Game Fest hits – although given today’s leak, I won’t be surprised if the production drops from the “main” stream and is thrown into a smaller presentation.

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