Pay for Electricity Will Be More Expensive, 900 VA Tariff Proposed to Increase Rp. 18,000 Page all

JAKARTA, – The government plans to change the electricity subsidy distribution scheme and will remove compensation to non-subsidized PLN customers.

This will have an impact on electricity bills that are more expensive than before. This policy is still being discussed and will be implemented no later than 2022.

Director General of Electricity, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Rida Mulyana revealed, there are 15.2 million 450 VA electricity customers that have the potential to no longer receive electricity subsidies by 2022.

The amount refers to the Ministry of Social’s Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS) currently available.

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“That 58 percent (of the amount of electricity subsidies) is consumed by the 450 VA class. So using the existing DTKS, 15.2 million subscribers must be released according to the data,” said Rida at the DPR RI Budgetary Board Meeting (Banggar). Thursday (8/4/2021).

However, his party will re-adjust the amount to the latest DTKS. He admitted that he had contacted Social Minister Tri Rismaharini to ask for an updated DTKS.

For him, sorting data on subsidy recipients and non-subsidy recipients does require special efforts. However, his party admits that he has experience sorting electricity for 900 VA households in 2017.

“So we have spoken with the Ministry of Finance, BKF, and the Director General of Budget regarding this matter. If it is to be implemented, of course it needs socialization and education to the public so that in time this policy can be implemented,” said Rida.

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He even revealed that the transformation of people-based subsidies made huge savings in the state budget (APBN).

Based on initial calculations adjusted to the current DTKS, savings of up to Rp 22.12 trillion occurred from the projected subsidy of Rp 61.09 trillion in the 2022 RAPBN.

The savings were obtained when removing 15.2 million PLN 450 VA customers who could potentially not receive subsidies in 2022.

“Approximately the assumption of savings or state spending that we can reduce reaches Rp. 22.12 trillion. This means that if this sorting is carried out, then the projection of electricity subsidies that we make Rp. 61.09 trillion will remain only Rp. 32 trillion,” he concluded.

For the adjustment rate, Rida explained that currently PLN has 38 categories of customers. Of that number, 25 are subsidized and 13 are non-subsidized / compensation recipients.

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“If there are 13 groups for the third quarter of 2021, if the rates are not adjusted, it will cause compensation. “Of the 13 groups, there are 41 million subscribers or 42 million,” he added.

He said, the increase in electricity rates after this policy took effect, the amount was different for each group.

“For the assumption that the rate is increased according to the economy, then the increase for RT (900 VA household) will increase by Rp. 18,000 per month. For 1,300 VA, the increase is approximately Rp. 10,800 per month and so on, “he explained.

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As for customers in the R2 class, he continued, the tariff increase is around Rp. 31,000 per month. Meanwhile, for R3 customers, the tariff increases by Rp. 101,000 per month.

“The highest increase was the large industrial group, the I4 increase was approximately Rp. 2.9 billion per month (30,000 KVA and above) such as cement, food and problem, processed, and so on,” he explained.

It’s just that he has not confirmed when this new policy will take effect. Even so, his party has prepared a number of scenarios for the implementation of this tariff increase.

“Will it be raised at the same time, will it be targeted only for certain groups. Whether it will be raised all at once or gradually, we have all prepared the scenario, ”he explained. (Reporter: Fika Nurul Ulya /


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