Pay equality: Belgium hit by the Council of Europe

Two articles of the European Social Charter are not respected by Belgium.

La Belgium violates two articles of the European Social Charter by not ensuring wage transparency, yet decisive in equal pay for work of equal value between the sexes, said Monday the organ of the Council of Europe responsible for the implementation of this charter.

In Belgium, the law of 22 April 2012 to combat the pay gap between women and men has increased the visibility of this gap and has proved useful in reducing it, recognizes the European Committee of Social Rights (CEDS), in reports scanning the situation in 15 states.

But the principle of salary transparency is not enshrined in Belgian law and the country has not yet taken the necessary measures to incorporate a 2014 European Commission recommendation to this effect, he observed in response to complaints. from the international NGO University Women Europe (UWE).

The Committee adds that the current legislation does not establish parameters for establishing the equal value of the work performed, such as the nature of the work, training and working conditions.

There is indeed a large-scale assessment of job classifications as to their gender neutrality, as well as verification by the Labor Inspectorate (SPF Emploi), but there is no legal obligation to modify these classifications when they do not pass the test of gender neutrality or of real sanction if they are not changed, explains the CEDS.

Citing other shortcomings, he considers that the obligation to recognize and respect the principle of salary transparency in practice is therefore not respected in Belgium.



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