“Pawperty Damage”: A New City Destruction Action Game

Developer Dare Looks announced on May 24th that the city destruction action game “Pawperty Damage]was delivered. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam / itch.io), and the game supports Japanese display. It’s been three days since its release, and it’s been getting moderately well-received while giving off personality.

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Pawperty Damage is an action game about destroying the city. In addition to single play, it supports up to 4 local multiplayer. There are four playable characters, including anthropomorphic animal characters. Dogs will appear.

Game modes include Crash Hour, where you compete for the destruction rate within the time limit, Time Attack, where you compete for the time to reach the specified destruction rate, Sandbox where you can enjoy destruction freely, and Custom Mode where you can customize the game rules. A city map lined with buildings is prepared, and the city is destroyed by punching, kicking, and stepping on it. Each time you destroy it, the amount of damage is recorded as a score.

Each character is super-giant, and the feature is that it gets even bigger as the city is destroyed. You start the game at a height of 16m, and eventually reach a height that looks down on skyscrapers. Also, stamina is consumed when performing destruction actions, and it is necessary to wait for automatic recovery when it becomes zero. However, if you pick up a car on the street and eat it, you can fully recover at once. In addition, VIP buildings and vehicles will occasionally appear on the map for a certain period of time, and if you destroy them, you can earn a large amount of damage.

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The game currently has a “very positive” status, with 90% of users reviewing it on Steam. The number of posts is about 130, and the number of simultaneous players is not so large, so it is not very popular, but it is quite highly rated. Although the game content is simple, it seems to be popular for its visual aspect and the fact that you can enjoy destroying it as if you were a giant monster like Godzilla. On the other hand, there are also voices pointing out that the volume of content is low, such as only one narrow map, and expects to be added in future updates.

Pawperty Damage is a PC (Steam/itch.io) is being delivered to. The price of the Steam version is 580 yen, and you can purchase it for 522 yen with a 10% discount until May 31st. The itch.io version is provided in a format that allows users to freely set the price and pay, and it is also possible to obtain it for free. If you want to enjoy online multiplayer with your friends, you should purchase the Steam version that allows you to use the Remote Play Together function.

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