Pavia, shopkeeper dies while jogging. It is yellow

A man collapses on the ground. It collapses unconscious. Someone notices it, approaches, tries to understand. Finally, the alarm and the rush to the hospital. But after almost an hour of attempts to revive him Fabio Ricotti, a 55-year-old man from Pavia dies in the emergency room at the San Matteo hospital. The moment before he collapsed he was jogging, a fatal state. Initially the most obvious thing was thought of in these cases: a heart attack. However with the passing of the hours his death turns yellow. So much so that the Public Prosecutor of Pavia has arranged for an autopsy to shed light on the case. Because after several tests, the doctors ruled out the heart attack hypothesis and instead detected a major head injury that could have been caused by a fall. Investigators do not rule out that the runner may have been hit by a car while he was running. For this reason, we await the outcome of the autopsy. The newspaper La Provincia Pavese gave the news.

He had no health problems

Ricotti was well known in the city. He ran a Homestyle furniture store in via Ferrini. The drama dates back to Wednesday evening, shortly after 20.30, in Viale Libert. Passersby who witnessed the scene sounded the alarm. An ambulance and a 118 car repair arrived on site. It didn’t take much to the health workers to understand that the situation was very serious. The doctors recorded the death in the hospital. The man, who was dressed as a runner, did not have any documents (most likely he had gone out without really because he had to go to train). been identified through the testimonies of people who recognized him. Apparently he had no particular health problems.

June 28, 2020 (change June 28, 2020 | 14:15)


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