Pavel Trávníček was accused of sexual violence by two other women

Early January is inappropriate sexual behavior, which he allegedly committed actor Pavel Trávníček, decided to speak publicly the first woman the fairytale prince had in his locker room force to masturbate. It was her courage that gave strength to i two other womenwho claim to have a similar experience with the actor. The first of them to describe her story for Extra, she allegedly met Trávníček at the age of only 15.

A woman who has decided to speak does not want to be sued with the actor, she does not want to be known in the media and the only one she wants is to talk about the alleged Pavel Trávníček’s predatory behavior was learned by the public.

The whole incident was supposed to take place at a time when the woman posing under the name of Peter was 15 let and participated in the DO-RE-MI competition. Pavel Trávníček allegedly wanted to show her something after filming, after which Petra went to the locker room with him and there was to be a touching, said Petra for Message list.

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With all that should have happened to her that day twenty years ago, according to her testimony, she immediately entrusted to her mother and friendwho accompanied her to the singing competition. However, they did not intervene then, and Petra now wants to give courage to other victims that others may not trust. The Reports verified her testimony with two other people she was to confide in at the time.

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If you have experience with sexual violence, you can contact the information line 777 012 555. The line is active on Tuesdays from 17:00 to 19:00 and on Thursdays from 19:00 to 21:00.

Mrs. M. states that she has a similar experience with Trávníček

The story of the first witness, Mrs. Věra, gave her the courage to speak Mrs. M., who entrusted her experience with Trávníček to the server Extra. She is also with the actor she had meet in the DO-RE-MI singing competition when she was twenty years. He allegedly invited her to his dressing room for coffee and according to her testimony he demanded oral sex.

Lawn denies the accusation

REFRESHER tried to contact the actor, but received no answers. Only Pavel Trávníček, a lawyer, Radek Suchý, provided a statement. “My client will fight hard against these outrageous and unprecedented attacks on his person. We inform the press and the public that no later than tomorrow, the publisher will send a pre-litigation summons, requesting an apology and significant financial satisfaction, and at the same time filing a criminal complaint against an unknown perpetrator,He wrote to the server Extra.

The article is driven by my client’s efforts to destroy it socially, professionally and, above all, humanly. The client does not intend to accept that he should become another victim of the Me Too campaign. We emphasize again that none of what is stated in the article is true, they are all disgusting, disgraceful lies. We will do the same against anyone who contributes to the spread of these lies,“Suchý added, adding that the actor will not provide another statement.

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