Paulo Sousa, from Flamengo, denies information about Eric Faria and evaluates taking the case to justice

Hours after TV Globo’s Eric Faria stated that Paulo Sousa would have “ordered” a question about Diego Alvesthe technician of Flamengo released an official note on the subject on Thursday night. In the document published by the press office, Paulo Sousa denies the information released by the journalist on “Seleção SporTV”. He doesn’t even rule out taking the case to court.

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– Never had any personal conversation with any journalist, either through messaging apps or calling, despite receiving several direct requests from professionals from the most different vehicles. Paulo Sousa vehemently denies the information given by Eric Faria that he would have “commissioned” some kind of question to a reporter. The technician regrets that a professional from one of the main communication vehicles in the country has, lightly, without listening to all the parties involved, made this type of accusation. And he does not rule out the possibility of seeking the path of justice if there is no public retraction.

The question in question was asked by a colleague of Eric Faria at TV Globo. Present in the daily coverage of Flamengo, Fred Huber took to Twitter to say that he took advantage of the space at the press conference with Paulo Sousa to ratify the information that the coach would be dissatisfied with the goalkeeper.

Minutes later, Eric Faria himself also used Twitter to clarify his statement. The journalist opined saying that the “order” would, in fact, be a tip from a third party that the matter could yield, as it happened. And he further stated that he would do the same as Huber if he were in that situation.

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After the victory over Universidad Católica (CHI), Paulo Sousa was asked about the absence of Diego Alves in the match. When justifying, the coach informed that the goalkeeper had not trained with the group since May 8, and that, respecting the “processes”, he could not cast him.

In addition, the coach mentioned a meeting between shirt 1 and director Bruno Spindel, in which Diego Alves would have made himself available. See the entire explanation given by coach Paulo Sousa by clicking on here!

The statements made on Tuesday night had great repercussion. On Wednesday, Diego Alves published a photo of Adriano on Instagramwith the following message: “May God forgive these bad people.”

Goalkeeper coach Paulo Grilo also used social media, posting a photo of the Flamengo group with the caption “we are all but a few” and the classification of Libertadores Group H.

With the unease between shirt 1 and the coaching staff wide open, a meeting was held at the Vulture’s Nestthis Thursday, with the presence of Diego Alves, Diego Ribas, Paulo Sousa and Bruno Spindel.

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