Paulo Fonseca ‘explodes’ after Roma’s victory: «A chaos was created around a lie» – Rome

Roma coach does not understand how the only Italian team in Europe is not supported

A Roma won 2-1 at Ajax and took a giant step towards the Europa League semi-finals, but the truth is that the days before this game were anything but easy for the Romans, especially for Paulo Fonseca. All because of rumors that there was a kind of rebellion in the group. Now, after this victory, the Portuguese exploded and was incredulous with what he says are “incredible lies” about the only Italian team present in Europe.

“I have to do my job, I can’t control criticism. What makes me disappointed is when they are lies and there have been a lot of them lately … I’m not Italian, so I don’t understand why Roma, who are the only team to to represent Italy in Europe, you have to be surrounded by all these incredible lies. At this point we should all be together to encourage and help the only Italian team. This week there was chaos around a lie, in the idea that the players they confronted and had an encounter before the game. It’s all a lie, I don’t know how it’s possible to do this. There’s no seriousness when you write that way. But I can’t control any of that, I can only control my work and that’s what have done “, said the coach, to Sky Sport Italia. Regarding the game itself, the Portuguese assumes that this was an “important victory”. “Ajax are a great team, as we saw today, but the boys did an excellent performance. Qualifying is still open, but winning here was very important. I think the team understood the difficult moment and gave everything, especially after the injury from Spinazzola. We knew we could score here, the team was confident even in difficult times. It’s a great victory. It was a game of great intensity and tension, but we did what we prepared “.

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