Paul Waterpauw police, lawyer Luke Enembe opens the rumor


Lawyer Luca Enembe, Stefanus Roy Rening opened his voice after being reported to the National Police Criminal Investigation Police. The report was filed by West Papuan Governor PJ Paulus Waterpauw via his attorney after the summons sent to Roy Rening was ignored.

“The subpoena that was filed was not attached with a power of attorney, so I don’t know if it was really based on a power of attorney from Mr. Paul. The power of attorney should have been attached as I feared people would simply claim. He still feels the subpoena is invalid. because he is not with a power of attorney, “Roy Rening said when contacted Thursday (9/29/2022).

Roy did not know what Paul Waterpauw had reported to the National Police Criminal Investigation Police. He assessed that reporting to the police is part of the rights of every citizen.


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“Basically, I am still of the opinion that I don’t know what the report is about, I will only look at the developments, I will only follow the efforts presented by Mr. Waterpauw’s lawyer or Mr. Waterpauw himself, go ahead, after all it is a citizen’s right,” he said. said.

According to Roy, he filed a statement relating to Paulus Waterpauw in accordance with his capacity as a lawyer defending his client. He said that what was said about Paulus Waterpauw was a fact obtained from Luke Enembe’s statement.

“The important thing is that I carry out my function as a lawyer as a defender. There is nothing else, my function is the function of defending my client. Then there are risks from that defense, the consequences of pursuing a profession, “he said.

“What I said were political facts that I know there are references and after I confirmed it with the Governor, all the Governors said that everything is true, everything you say Roy is right. I speak of facts not opinions, when I speak my opinion may be wrong, but based on references, based on information from the Governor and me accompanying the Governor, ”he continued.

Roy said he had no intention of defaming anyone. According to him, the cases he handles are full of politics, so they are large.

“Not with the intention of defaming anyone, but because this case is full of legal politics, that’s how the dynamics went in the end. If there is a corruption case, there must be an accusation called first investigation, finding leaks. state, if there is no state loss, people come – Suddenly designated as a suspect, he becomes a bogeyman, “he added.

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