Paul Rudd rewards voters in New York with cookies

A sweet reward for voters: “Ant-Man” star Paul Rudd handed out biscuits in front of a polling station in Brooklyn, New York on Thursday. In the pouring rain, the 51-year-old joined people standing in line in front of the polling station.

The actor, who wore mouth and nose protection during his action, thanked the people for their contribution to the US presidential election.

You should make it easy for voters and take a day off from work, Rudd told the Now This news organization. He was glad that so many people were voting early. Rudd had a sticker on his jacket that said “I Voted”.

Rudd was outside the Barclays Center, an arena in Brooklyn that will now be used for voting until the November 3rd election. The arena operators posted photos of the prominent visitor on Twitter.

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