Patriots – Jaguars (50-10): Jacksonville was not invited

New England left no chance for the Floridians to qualify for the playoffs.

New England Patriots (10-6) – Jacksonville Jaguars (2-14) : 50-10

As expected, there has never been a game between the Patriots with great ambitions for the end of the season and Jacksonville in freewheeling. Applied on both sides of the field, New England has never trembled and took the opportunity to give confidence to several of its major players like Mac Jones (22/30, 227 yards and 3 TDs), Damian Harris (9 races, 35 yards and 2 TDs) or JC Jackson (1 interception, 4 tackles, 1 tackle for loss and 1 defended pass).

The Patriots have mainly secured their qualification in the playoffs with the help of the Titans. Opposite, the ordeal continues for Trevor Lawrence (17/27, 193 yards, 1 TD and 3 INTs) and Jaguars who have never existed in this part. They now have one game left before entering an off-season which may be very busy in Florida.

JC Jackson in record mode

Bill Belichick and his men made it easy from the start. The Patriots scored touchdowns on their four drives in the first half. 28 points in total. The first two on long offensive series of 70 and 66 yards, conclude on the ground by Damien Harris for his 13th and 14th touchdowns of the season (14-3). The next two in the air for Kristian Wilkerson on 6 yards and Jakobi Meyers on 4 yards (28-3). Two well-felt assists from Mac Jones who brought his total to 20 over the season.

And if New England scored points at the end of the first period, it is also thanks to its defense. Solid at the start of the match with a forced punt and a simple field goal conceded, it will go up a notch. Faced with a Trevor Lawrence still in difficulty, it will cause loss of ball. Myles Bryant first, JC Jackson then will get their hands on the Florida quarterback’s assists. For the New England cornerback, it’s already the 8th of the season. The 25th in his career. A record for the first four seasons of a newcomer to the NFL.

Lawrence finally finds the end-zone

The start of the second period is exactly the same: the Patriots register a touchdown and Trevor Lawrence throws an interception. The seven points come from a 20-yard pass from Mac Jones to Kristian Wilkerson (34-3). The turnover comes at the hands of Kyle Dugger. The rest is anecdotal. The premises add 17 more points, thanks in particular to two races towards the end zone of the rookie Rhamondre Stevenson (19 races, 107 yards and 2 TDs) and Jacksonville continues to sink.

The Jaguars have no solution and must wait for the final drive to register a touchdown. A poor performance on both sides of the field, barely saved by Trevor Lawrence’s first touchdown pass since Thanksgiving weekend. A 28-yard screen pass from the quarterback who can thank Dare Ogunbowale who did the heavy lifting. A meager ray of sunshine in a very dark evening for the Jaguars.

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