Patrick Kicken: The Top 40 returns at 538, on Friday for Coen and Sander

[BLOG] Well well, poe poe, the high word has finally come out: Coen and Sander are going to sleep. Not completely apart, once a week eating together on Friday afternoon. Sander Lantinga goes as mentioned before here in the direction of Radio Veronica, Coen is going to do the lunch show here on Radio 538 as previously reported. Now this raises a number of questions that I would like to answer again, let’s go:

Since Coen and Sander will be doing the new 538 programming on Friday 4-7 pm, we naturally get into trouble with the 538 Top 50 that is now programmed there between 2 and 6 pm. You might wonder whether a hit list is still something of this time (mwoah), but the perfect solution for the period before it, 12-4 pm is of course retrieving The Top 40. And it will happen: Master chess player Dave Minneboo has not only come up with the perfect solution for C&S, he also plans to bring back the Top 40. How can I be so sure? He and Erik de Zwart are best friends. De Zwart still has something to make up for with John de Mol. And Minneboo may be on ‘inactive’ until October according to his previous employer QMusic, the corridors say that it has long been settled: The Top 40 returns at the green/purple radio factory† Also for De Zwart a boost, he co-founded the station. And fair is fair: The Top 40 belongs to the station that emerged from Veronica: 538.

Couple of advantages: we are rid of Domien Verschuuren who is actually too light to carry such a hit list. 538 deals another blow to its biggest competitor QMusic. And Mark Labrand, chart fan through and through and now the 538 Top 50 deejay, is looking forward to presenting the National Friday Afternoon event with an erection for the rest of the week. Win win. For example, 538 also gets the famous Alam disk back, which of course does not belong to that red marketing machine. I know I’ve been giving a lot of credit to 538 and its leadership in recent months, but these decisions being made now (by millionaire to be Minneboo, in the background) are only to be applauded. By the way, I would think it would be cool if a big name like Wessel van Diepen would do the Top 40 again at 538.

Then to the man who is now ‘on vacation’ and who recently presented 12-14h on 538, whose days in the daily programming also seem numbered now that Dave returns to the Bergweg in Hilversum. Nick van der Bruggen. That name buzzes around for the afternoon shift from 4-7 pm at 3FM, Monday to Thursday. I deliberately say Monday to Thursday, because if you choose this guy, whether or not in combination with the brilliant sidekick Alex Oosterveen, I would program something different on Friday for Coen and Sander. I’ve mentioned his name here before, because he is a professional, but how about Eddy Keur in that place? Just monkey cage radio, as he also shows Ascension Day when he replaces Ruud de Wild on NPO Radio 2. You will have to program something special on Friday at 3FM to counterbalance Coen and Sander.

Let’s think if I have now completely squeezed the sponge that has sucked itself again with the latest radio news over the past few weeks. Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention who will now take Coen and Sander’s place. We’ve known that for a few weeks already, as reported here 16 days ago: Frank Dane is going to do the afternoon show at 538† Hopefully without Hannelore Zwitserlood. Let that girl Jo who is now with Coen and Sander continue to do the news, even though a newsreader has to hear a long belch on the channel by now. But we can attribute that to Lantinga and Swijnenberg. Curious if Stenders also sees that banal nonsense from Lantinga on Veronica? Could be a little less.

Patrick Kicken

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