Patras’s difficulties the day after the accident. The Slovak will not let her celebrate

Was another accident the last straw for them? It looks like the family is breaking a stick over Dada Patras. Her husband Felix Slováček is organizing a grand 79th birthday party, but the actress is missing from the guest list. Watch a live broadcast from the famous couple’s villa on TN LIVE.

The whole show business will celebrate Felix Slováček’s birthday on Střelecký Island in the center of Prague, but Dáda Patrasová will only be able to imagine what it’s like there. The legendary saxophonist told TV Nova that he had his wife removed from the list of guests.

He decided to follow Patras’ carom in Monday afternoon. The queen of children’s hearts, when she turned to her house, did not manage to drive and first crashed into a parked car with a luxury car and then plunged into the concrete barrier with the hood. She refused the breath test and didn’t even take the blood.

After a few hours, claimed that nothing had happened. “What accident? I just won’t comment on that. No, I will not comment. Please, it’s nonsense and I’m fine,“she said.

The daughter of the famous couple Anna Slováčková, also known as the Surgery in the Rose Garden, does not want to comment on the family crisis. Slováček also imposed an “embargo” on further information. But in the past, he talked several times about Dad drinking too much.

Her alcohol problem will never end. She doesn’t want to be treated, so I don’t think there’s a chance she’ll stop. Someone has tried it before,“he said in the summer of 2020. Patras has repeatedly denied it.

The accident is being investigated by Prague police officers. Not far from the site of Monday’s crash, Dáda crashed into another car in December 2018. At that time, she inhaled 2.5 per mille and later admitted that she was drunk drunk. Curiously, law enforcement has detained an internationally wanted Ukrainian thanks to Patras.

Patras’ first words after the accident. She doesn’t remember her breaking down:

Dada crashed into a stationary car and then the concrete barrier:

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