Patrasová and Slováček: They were growling at the cottage on holidays!

Christmas Eve dinner took place in the attic apartment of their daughter Anička (26), who was cooking herself. “We all met there. Me, husband and son Felix with family. It was more like an afternoon dinner because of the grandchildren, but wonderful. Of course, Anička made a classic – cutlets, salad, but the soup was chestnut and sensational, “confided Aha! Dad.

Brzobohatý s new wife! And Felix turned, he wouldn’t live with Dad

He received a luxury set of new revolutionary cosmetics from Felix, and she gave him a super razor. And when they unpacked everything at Anička’s, she and her husband went home for the evening. The children then went to the cottage. “But Felix and I went there for the first Christmas,” said Dada, who is extremely satisfied with this year’s holidays.

Pavel (71) and Monika (36) Trávníček

All Christmas at Trávníčky’s house, everything revolved around the little son Maxmiliánek, who will be five years old this week.

Pavel (71) and Monika (36) Trávníček.

Monika Bagárová (27), singer

The sexy singer announced a break with her partner – a wrestler – on holidays Makhmud Muradov (31). “Mach and I broke up for many reasons,” she wrote about last year’s joint Christmas photo with her daughter Rumia (1).

The sexy singer announced a breakup on the holidays.

Caring for little Rumia: Does only Monika change her clothes, or does Makhmud put her hand to the work?

Hana Zagorová (75) a Stefan Margita (65), singers

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They spent the holidays at home with other family members. “Thank you for a wonderful Christmas,” Stefan wrote for the joint photo. Hance is visibly better than in previous weeks.

Hana Zagorová (75) and Štefan Margita (65).


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