Patras on vacation: She got drunk and was aggressive, they had to close her, witnesses say

Felix Slováček and Dáda Patrasová’s holiday in North Africa is far from idyll. According to witnesses, the queen of children’s hearts is devoted to alcohol rather than rest. Czechs staying in the same hotel claim that Patras was behaving aggressively and that Slováček had to lock her in her room after an argument.

Patras’ Tunisian holiday with Slováček did not have a happy start. The family crisis is obviously continuing, and even three weeks after the actress’ car accident, the couple is not calm.

The Slovak refused to marry his wife for a week in Turkey, where he was with his children, but then an unexpected turn came. “My friend Ivana Němečková invited us to Tunisia, so we decided to fly,” Slováček told the daily. Aha!

However, according to witnesses who responded to the letter, the holiday together with the idyll is far away. Czechs staying in the same hotel reportedly saw Patras drinking. However, she had to argue fiercely with Felix, who, after running out of patience, allegedly locked her in a hotel room.

“Mrs. Patrasová drank a lot and got into a verbal confrontation with Mr. Slováček. I heard how aggressive she was about him,” claims one of the witnesses. “Mr. Slováček then took her to her room and returned to the bar to see his friends. He looked quite upset.” he added.

According to his words, however, Slováček took Patras to Tunisia not out of grace, but on the contrary because Dada needs to relax. “I can handle her, don’t worry,” he said earlier this week.

On Wednesday, the famous couple armored themselves with a wall of silence. The editorial staff tried to contact Patrasová and Slováček, but they did not answer the phone and did not respond to the SMS.

Patras may end up in court. Rejecting the breath test was not smart:

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