Patras is hiding behind the walls of her villa. Slováček left to celebrate his birthday without her

Shortly after five o’clock in the afternoon, Felix Slováček took a taxi to celebrate his 79th birthday. Dada Patras, who scrapped a luxury Mercedes on Monday and refused a breath test, remains in the family villa. Her husband didn’t want her at the party, but Dáda was still going there, according to TV Nova. But in the end, she didn’t show up.

Whoever means something in Czech show business is already in the restaurant on Střelecký Island, where Felix Slováček celebrates his birthday on Tuesday. The famous musician left there from a villa in Prague’s Vinohrady at 5:15 p.m.

But he boarded the taxi himself, and Dáda Patrasová remains safe in the walls of their house after Monday’s crash. In the morning, Slováček told TV Nova that he had banned Dáda from attending the party. According to our information, the queen of children’s hearts planned to show up at the celebration, but in the end she did not leave the villa.

The actress and singer did not choose the turn from Benešovská Street to Vlašimská on Monday afternoon. With her black car, she first crashed a parked car, then smashed the hood against a concrete barrier. She refused a breath test and a blood test. The accident is being investigated by the police.

According to Slováček, Patrasová has long-term problems with alcohol, which she has repeatedly denied. “What accident? I just won’t comment on that. No, I will not comment. Please, it’s nonsense and I’m fine,“she told a few hours after the unpleasant carom.

Patras may end up in court due to the accident:

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