Patras harshly accused Gelem: There was sect and magic in it!

The queen of children’s hearts and the saxophonist are now reuniting. “We never broke up, we’re still married and Felix never moved out of our house,” he says Dad with the proviso that it wasn’t just that. “But it took several weeks for Felix to precede me and assure me he was out of the seduction.

She was a sect and a strange magician, it wasn’t that he would fall in love with an alleged mistress. I take it he was seduced and couldn’t get out of it, “she told the daily Aha! Patrasová, who accompanied her husband to the Municipal House, where the opening of the artist Roman Řehák was ceremoniously opened. While the actress was having fun with friends and giving smiles to all parties, Felix had a musical performance. When he finished, he immediately joined his wife, and after a while they went home together.

Dada after Felix returns: She’ll keep her lover! And Zagor’s torment continues

She let him into the bedroom

The musician is not only back in their house, but the door to Dada’s boudoir has already opened for him. “It’s no secret that we have separate bedrooms for years. However, my husband visits me again regularly and very often. Everything is as it should be. Gradually, I get used to the fact that I am happy and satisfied again, “Patrasová confided with a sly smile. “We are a family that holds together again,” Dad added. She is said to have received a special gift from her husband at Christmas, but she does not want to reveal it. It’s their secret …

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Dada Patrasova


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