Patients with gingivitis and bad breath

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Dr Fawat Mamen, of the ‘Cosmomed Fujairah’ centre, confirmed that due to the demand for cosmetic procedures, a significant increase in the number of dentists performing them has been observed. Along with this growth, you will notice an increase in the problems and disadvantages of cosmetic treatment. The reason for this is the dentist’s lack of knowledge and skills. To perform high-quality cosmetic procedures, dentists need ongoing training and skill development.

He said: A number of patients undergoing low-quality cosmetic treatments suffer from gingivitis, bad breath, food retention and so on. All these negative symptoms have caused many patients to share negative opinions and advise against cosmetic procedures, because their bad experiences stemmed from not having chosen an expert doctor to know the best and most appropriate type for the nature of their teeth, as well as a poor quality which made them spread information stating that cosmetic dentistry is a wrong decision.

He explained that since time immemorial people have been trying to improve the look of their smile, using different types of gemstones, metals, wood and bones, and our days are no exception, as all patients want to have straight and bright teeth which symbolize health and prosperity, and because of this demand, interest in dental cosmetic procedures will maintain This trend will not disappear. Before performing any cosmetic dental treatment, the doctor should evaluate the patient to see if his or her teeth and bone structure are fully developed. The age of 18 is usually a safe age for cosmetic treatments.

He said: Properly planned and implemented cosmetic dental treatment will greatly improve the appearance of the smile, patient confidence and mental health. Therefore, we always recommend choosing the right and experienced doctor and not choosing the shoddy types, but choosing the types that suit the nature of their teeth.

Dr Sarah Al Hemairi, dentist at Canadian Specialist Hospital Dubai, said: Dental veneers known as veneers have been very popular over the past decade but unfortunately have sometimes been misused. We all agree that porcelain veneers are the best treatment for some conditions, such as: internal pigmentation or discoloration of the teeth, brittleness of the teeth and spaced teeth, or the presence of a birth defect in them, because a beautiful smile increases self-confidence, which is directly reflected in professional and personal life. Healthy teeth give you a bright, youthful smile, brighten your face, reflect in your eyes, and make you feel young.

On the other hand, as tempting as these reasons seem, there are other factors that must be taken into consideration in order to start any interventional dental treatment, which is not reversible.

He added: Cosmetic dentistry may have to be preceded by various treatments or surgeries, according to the agreed plan after the specialist doctor’s evaluation, such as teeth cleaning, fillings or root fillings, orthodontics or dental implants to achieve the perfect smile, and one must realize that the journey of change requires a lot of time, patience and costs.

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