Paterson Seeks To Stop Using Unlicensed ATVs | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

take into account the possible impactof a hurricane in the state ofnew york and new the garden there was,exactly in Patterson, thethe authorities will banoff-road passagein the city. Yeila Lluberestell us how you thinkjust do it. speak in addition tofines for offenders.>> is a problem on the streetsand new jersey from the big apple.illegal off-road Patterson he seeks the waystop using motorcyclesATV and ATVcirculate without a license.they began to fine thedrivers of these bikesillegal.those who lead all of theseillegal motorcycles could befined $ 500 for thefirst offense, $ 2,000 perwho have been could beseized and destroyed.In certain cases,drivers could go to theprofile.we arrived at the town hallPatterson to talk to himadviser.>> use these vehiclesoff-road and without a licensePatterson.>> has always been illegal. youauthorized the police tobe able to operate the wings, aremove these vehicles from everyonethe engine out ofstreets.yeila: the police can’tchasing people whochasing vehiclesstreets.>> had to be able to attack the motorboatyou have to do an operationspecial to catch them,take them and return themowner, especially if they areregistered and the personhave the urge to use itlicense.of yarn The authoritiestry to limit the sale ofthese illegal motorcycles, it iseasy to buy online,it’s just a click awaydistance.some of these vehiclesillegal in New YorkyPatterson are for sale by$ 600, $ 1900 differentbranched is important to limit the saleof these vehicles in the areasHow is it going.>> we are looking at the laws ofbeen to see how farwe can apply it in the areamunicipal by motorboatelectric and those that are ofGas.I took out his cell phone and scanned theqr code to know how

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