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Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented the moment a woman was expelled from a plane, after passengers voted to remove her from the plane, on a flight from Trenton to Atlanta in America.

The video, published by the Daily Mail newspaper, showed a passenger asking those on the plane to vote if they agreed with him, leaving one of the female passengers for causing inconvenience to the passengers and quarreling with the flight attendants.

Many of the passengers agreed with their colleague and raised their hands to agree to expel the lady, and indeed, the plane’s security took her out before the plane took off from Trenton.

The incident dates back to when a verbal altercation took place between a couple with one of the flight attendants because she refused to take their seats on the plane, so the lady intervened and quarreled with the flight attendant, which resulted in the intervention of all the flight attendant’s colleagues.

The plane’s security intervened, and the couple was removed from the plane and prevented from traveling on it. Upon their removal, a traveler demanded that the woman be removed as well, because she disturbed the passengers and unjustly interfered in the fight, and caused the plane to take off an hour later than scheduled.

2023-05-06 08:13:10
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