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Now live: what happened in the night, what becomes important today – and everything that moves Hessen. We start with you in Friday.

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+++ Do you have good resolutions? +++

7.38 a.m .: While there is a lively discussion in the editorial office about the correct direction of use of suppositories (tip or rounded end first), we take a look at the most discussed topic at the beginning of the year: the good resolutions. While the morning ticker has once again put healthier nutrition on the to-do list, many have completely different goals (which are usually not achieved). Which ones are they?

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+++ Alsfeld is looking for possible hackers +++

7.27 a.m .: After Threat of cyber attack on the computers of the Alsfeld city administration the center for combating cyber crime has taken over the investigation. This was confirmed by the Frankfurt Attorney General. As a precaution, the city from Vogelsbergkreis had taken all systems off the network on Thursday after receiving an anonymous threatening email. The senders demand money – apparently in the form of bitcoins – otherwise all computers would be encrypted. IT experts are currently busy backing up all data and fixing any damage that has already occurred.

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to the video Alsfeld is blackmailed

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hessenschau from 02.01.2020

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+++ The worm is in the S-Bahn +++

7.15 a.m .: It continues with the S-Bahn disruptions: After the already known delays and failures of the S7, the S3, S4, S5 and S6 have now also been added to the list of the problem children. According to the RMV, “a disruption in business operations” at the Galluswarte in Frankfurt causes considerable disabilities. The S5 partly only runs between Bad Homburg and Rödelheim. I wish you a lot of commuter patience.

Many people leave a newly entered S-Bahn in the lower part of the main train station in Frankfurt

+++ ice skating in Hanau +++

7:08 a.m .: If you are one of those people who likes to say things like: “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes” and even think of evenings on the couch for a wimp event, this is a tip for an excursion: On the Hanauer Marktplatz opens this year’s ice arena at 11 a.m. In contrast to rather measly model in Frankfurt the 625 square meter area offers enough space for Rittberger, somersaults and slips of all kinds.

Ice skates over the ice

+++ Transport of dangerous goods overturned +++

6.59 a.m .: After an accident with a dangerous goods transporter on the A67, the up and down Pfungstadt is currently closed. As the police said, the truck loaded with resin has overturned. Nothing had leaked. It is not known whether the transporter was heading towards the handball championship starting in a week.

+++ S-Bahn disruption in Frankfurt +++

6.46 a.m .: The few commuters who are currently not on vacation have to be a little more patient this Friday morning. According to the RMV, an outage between the Frankfurt Stadium and Zeppelinheim leads to failures and delays in the S7.

An S-Bahn runs in the Taunusanlage in Frankfurt

+++ Police stop aggressive dog with taser +++

6.32 a.m .: A dog, apparently released earlier, attacked and injured two cyclists in the Bonames district of Frankfurt on Thursday. As the police said, the dog bit the two men in the calves and buttocks, one of them had to be taken to the hospital. According to initial knowledge, the dog was tied to a park bench, but is said to have bitten his leash there and freed himself. Since the four-legged friend appeared extremely aggressive and did not let anyone close, the alarmed officials used a taser to tame it. The animal came to the shelter, an investigation is being carried out against the initially unknown owner.

Stun gun - Hessen is the third federal state to test tasers in police operations.

+++ fire in Wiesbaden terraced house +++

6.22 a.m .: A fire broke out in an uninhabited apartment in a row house in Wiesbaden on Friday night. According to the police, construction work could have led to a smoldering fire, and the fire department was able to prevent spreading to other buildings. According to the first information, the owner is said to have injured himself when attempting to extinguish the fire. A total of four people came to the hospital.

Firefighters at fire in Wiesbaden

+++ Eintracht landed in Florida +++

6.12 a.m .: Off to the Sunshine State: The Eintracht Frankfurt travel group arrived safely in their winter home in Florida early Friday morning. After a somewhat late start in freezing temperatures in Frankfurt, the Hessian Bundesliga soccer players were greeted by the pleasant 26 degrees and sunshine across the pond. However, coach Adi Hütter is not free of worry: in addition to the injured Marijan Cavar, Frederik Rönnow, Marco Russ and Lucas Torró as well as the exempted Simon Falette, Daichi Kamada was also unable to take the trip towards the training camp. The Japanese man has a gastrointestinal tract and is supposed to follow. As always, you can find all further information on the winter preparation of Eintracht at the Colleagues from sports,

Adi Hütter in training from Eintracht Frankfurt

+++ Passenger car burns out completely on A7 +++

6 o’clock: On Thursday evening on the A7 near Kalbach (Fulda) a small car went up in flames and burned out. According to the police, the fire department was alerted around 10:30 p.m. and then deployed with a large contingent and a total of 44 emergency services. The driver, who according to initial information was able to save himself and his flat screen, was not injured, the highway had to be blocked in the direction of Kassel except for one lane. Nothing is known about the amount of damage and the cause.

Car burned out A7

+++ Let’s start +++

Good morning, dear Hessen! As usual, we start the day with our ticker. Up to 10 a.m. there is the latest news from the night and on Friday. My name is Mark Weidenfeller. If you have any comments, please write to me a mail,

Portrait of Mark Weidenfeller

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