Paruru ia Moorea asks for time to prepare his defense

Tahiti, July 19, 2021 – Attached to court with a member of her Facebook group, Paruru ia Moorea, for comments made about the developer of the Tiahura real estate project, the administrator of the Facebook page in question, Tchen Tahnee , asked for a delay to hire a lawyer. The hearing was postponed until August 2.

The administrator of the Facebook group, Paruru Ia Moorea, Tchen Tahnee, as well as one of the members of the group, Patrick Roller, appeared on Monday morning at the bar of the Papeete court of first instance, accompanied by half a dozen supporters. . Opposed to the Tiahura real estate project on the sister island, the two residents of Haapiti were taken to court for insulting and defamatory remarks by the promoter of the project, Franck Zermati, who is asking for the closure of their Facebook page and a million Fcfp of damages and interests. But the hearing scheduled for Monday morning was finally postponed for two weeks at the request of the administrator of the group who wanted a delay to seek advice from a lawyer. “There is a lot of people who want to be heard, that’s why I prefer to have more time and have a lawyer”, explained Tchen Tahnee after the hearing, defending his good faith in this case. “(This Facebook page) at the beginning, it was to share information., defends the administrator of the group who affirms that she is not ready to close her page, in spite of the insults or the defamatory remarks. “I realize that, but I also know that I can’t control what people think or say.”

“I understand that an adversary wants to take a lawyer, it is the minimum to ensure the rights of the defense”, reacted Me Dominique Bourion, the promoter’s lawyer, according to whom this postponement is prejudicial to his client. “This is an urgent matter because every day counts. A Facebook account that dirties someone, every day it causes damage. (…) I consider that a Facebook site is made to inform. to insult, drag people through the mud and do anything. “ Me Bourion defended the fact that his client was “in perfect legality” and had discussed with local residents before starting this project. “He was very correct with these people. And these are squatters today who are on this land and who are doing this because they don’t want to be evicted. While we already have an eviction order.” Next appointment in court, August 2.



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