Party room owners “Safer than restaurants and pubs… lift the ban on unfair gatherings”

Members of the National Space Rental Association, a group of’party room’ owners, hold a rally in front of the Democratic Party in Yeouido, Seoul on the afternoon of the 23rd. They said, “The government’s banning measures for this industry are unfair,” and asked, “I want to immediately lift the ban and come up with a reasonable operation plan.” Reporter Kim Ji-hye

“Withdraw the ban on unfair and unfair gatherings immediately!”

On the afternoon of the 23rd, in front of the Democratic Party in Yeouido, Seoul. Five to six members of the National Space Rental Association, a group of’party room’ owners, gathered and hung up a black banner advocating the withdrawal of the ban on unfair gatherings.

They also shouted out the slogan “What is the party room forbidden for 0 confirmed people?” “What is the crime of the party room?” “All self-employed people die.” Business owners raised their voices, saying, “The party room is a multi-purpose space, not just a place to party,” and “It is against fairness to select an industry that is prohibited from gathering without understanding our industry.”

At the rally, they said, “If gathering, eating and drinking is a party, then restaurants and pubs are party scenes.” I also read the door. At the same time, to the government and the ruling party, “Immediately lift the irrational collection ban on space rental and take realistic remedies for damage to space rental companies.” I urged.

Most of the space rental businesses, including party rooms, were restricted or banned after the 2.5th step of social distancing was implemented on December 8 last year. It was also excluded from the industry that lifted the collective ban announced by the government on the 16th. Accordingly, the party room owners recently formed an association and decided to act as a group. In less than a day of inauguration, the association gathered about 250 members.

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Kim Doo-il, the representative of the association, said, “So far, there are no confirmed patients in the party room, which is safer than any other space, but the negative perception of the party room is leading to irrational business regulations.” CEO Kim said, “The self-employed people were seriously hit and closed down, and the damage occurred one after another, so we planned a group action, such as a rally, to correct the wrong facts and urge the preparation of rational measures.”

According to Kim, a party room is a space independently used by a team that has reserved in advance. It is not a multi-gathering facility where meetings are held on the spot, and it is a structure in which acquaintances with a predetermined date rent and use an independent space. In addition, it is used not only for party rooms, but also for various purposes such as shooting studios, study rooms, conference rooms, practice rooms, and independent offices. If a party for the purpose of a party is regulated by quarantine, it is argued that its use should be restricted or the hours of operation or personnel should be limited according to other multi-use facilities.

CEO Kim said, “It is a way to set the time zone and number of people in the first place, pay money, and use an independent space.” He explained. He added, “It is a space that can be used for 24 hours, and unlike the lodging industry, it does not provide bedding and installs a closed circuit (CC) TV,” he said. “Rather, it is an industry suitable for quarantine.”

In the case of the space rental business, it is possible to operate it by registering a business with the tax office without reporting it to the local government. “It’s not,” he said, “avoiding responsibility and giving no answer.” He said, “It is unreasonable to ban groups unconditionally without giving detailed instructions on how to regulate the number of people or hours.”

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Reporter Kim Ji-hye [email protected]

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