Party riots throughout the country: – A lot of intoxication

The night of May 17 has been hectic for the police in many parts of the country.

A large number of noisy parties, fights and other party-related incidents have been reported.

– It has been as it usually is, says operations manager in Trøndelag police district Ebbe Kimo to Dagbladet early Tuesday morning.

– There has been a lot of drunkenness, a lot of russ outside and partly a little amp, mostly without it being the most serious incidents, he says.

The most serious incident they have been out was in Stjørdal.

– There we received a message that there were a lot of people fighting. When we arrived, we found a boy who has suffered head injuries after being hit with a bottle, says Kimo.

Police are now looking for a named perpetrator. The boy should not be life-threateningly injured.

– All in all, we have had decent control, says Kimo.

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– Steadily

Also in Oslo, there has been a lot to do for the police on the night of 17 May.

– It has gone smoothly here tonight, without the biggest incidents, says operations manager Christian Krohn Engeseth in the Oslo police to Dagbladet.

The most serious was an incident of violence on Sørenga, where a person is said to have been stabbed or cut with a sharp object. The injured person must be seriously, but not life-threateningly, injured.

– Otherwise there has been a lot of intoxication and a lot of noise. Among other things, there was a large gathering at St. Hanshaugen with russ and young people, but there was good preventive work on site, says Engeset.

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– Get the kids

Just before midnight, the police moved out to a larger party in Trøgstad.

The police ask parents to come to Trøgstad quickly if they suspect that their children are there.

– Large accumulation of young people. Lots of stuffing and drug use. It is requested that parents of young people, who may be on site, get these, writes the Eastern Police District on Twitter just before midnight.

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– There is a report of a need for health care for several of the young people due to intoxication, the police say.

In Arendal, around 100 young people are gathered in one place on Monday night.

Beat up

The Southwest police district also has something to contend with. At 23.30 on Monday, they report a chaotic situation in Vangen in Haugesund.

– Report of a gathering of many drunk young people in Vangen. There are approaches to fights several place. The police are on the scene with several patrols and are trying to get an overview, the police write on Twitter.

They now want help from parents.

– There have been several incidents of violence at the scene, a boy in his teens has been beaten. He has received a cut in the head and is hospitalized for observation. The police encourage parents to pick up their minor children, the police write on Twitter.

Another teenage boy was also taken by ambulance.

– He was taken in the ambulance to the emergency room when he had allegedly broken his nose, the police report.

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Brilliant sun

They also state that a 20-year-old man has been arrested for the affair and placed in custody.


At 1.35, the same police district moved out to a Russian event in Randaberg near Stavanger.

– Several patrols are at Mekjarvik as loud music, reports of fireworks and many coaches and buses have been reported on the spot, the police write on Twitter.

At 04.25, the police were back on the scene after receiving new reports of riots.

– At the same time, there was a report that a Russian had been beaten down. The victim, a man in his teens, was taken by ambulance to the emergency room, unknown extent of damage. The suspect, a man of the same age, was questioned on the spot, the police write.

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To the emergency room

During the gathering, one person must have been beaten down by three other people.

It reports the police in Agder on Twitter.

– The injured have been taken to the emergency room for a check, the police report.

Operations Manager Miriam Stausland tells Dagbladet that the offended party is apparently not seriously injured.

– Based on what I have understood from the patrol on the spot, it should be a single incident at a youth party. Beyond this, the party should go smoothly.

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– Bitten in the finger

The police in Agder also report a fight in the center of Kristiansand.

– Three people have been expelled from the place. A person is bitten in the finger. The police are opening a case, they inform on Twitter.

The police in the Inland report a riot in Kongsvinger.

– There have been approaches to fighting between several at Bæreia. No one should be seriously injured. A boy in his late teens has been expelled from the area, police write on Twitter.

The same police district also reports a large party in Bøverbru.

– Notification of a party in a residential building where there are so many participants that some of them were out on the road. The party ended and the traffic is flowing normally again, the police say.

Ask for assistance

The police in Nordland say that they have a patrol present at a Russian event in Ørnes.

– Several minors and unauthorized persons present. The patrol assists in gaining control on the spot. No other measures as of now, the police write on Twitter state that it was the Russians themselves who asked for assistance from the police.

The same police district also moved out to a party in Sandnessjøen.

– The patrol ended the party in a residential area with young party participants. Generated noise that disturbed the night calm. Ordered to quit, and complied with this, the police in Nordland inform on Twitter.


At the same time, the Police in Møre og Romsdal had their hands full in Kristiansund.

– Reported the gathering of several young people in the center. 25-30 young people in total. Four teenagers expelled from the city center for the rest of the night, the police inform on Twitter.

The police in Trøndelag report that they had to intervene in a Russian event at the nightclub EC Dahls in Trondheim.

– A boy has joined the arrest after the intoxication took over. Became outspoken and opposed expulsion. The rest of the night in custody. Otherwise, this event has gone well, the police write on Twitter.

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