Party for Røkke on the Oslo Stock Exchange after a rare speech

Røkke dominates in the Aker Group. Together with CEO of Aker, Øyvind Eriksen, he presented at the energy conference for Pareto at 9 o’clock on Wednesday. There he talked about most things in energy and digitization.

Røkke said that around 60-65 percent of Aker’s values ​​now come from oil and gas. In five to ten years, he hopes that 50 percent or two-thirds of the group’s values not comes from oil and gas.

Investors seem to like what Røkke had to say. Just over three hours before closing time on the Oslo Stock Exchange, it looks like this for the Aker shares:

Aker BP, up 1.13 percent

Aker, up 4.08 percent

Aker Solutions, up 1.14 percent

Aker Offshore Wind Holding, up 13.72 percent

Aker Carbon Capture, up 14.22 percent

Aker Biomarine, up 0.24 percent

Rec Silicon, up 2.39 percent

Akastor, up 1.31 percent

Grinder, up 2.75 percent

Ocean Yield is down by 0.68 percent.

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