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Donaueschingen (dpa / lsw) – Three weeks before the state party conference, CDU state chief Thomas Strobl came under heavy criticism at the Union in southern Baden. At the district party convention in Donaueschingen on Saturday, a group of around 25 delegates submitted a motion that the CDU in southern Baden should ask Strobl not to run for chairman. A compromise was agreed on the initiative of Christian Bäumler, head of the CDA and State Secretary for Tourism, Patrick Rapp. The application was referred to the district executive committee, which is to speak to the state executive committee and Strobl about a personnel renewal before the party congress on November 13th.

The request came from delegates from the Schwarzwald-Baar district, from which the re-elected district chief Andreas Schwab also comes. The MEP told the German Press Agency: “Of course our members think about our top staff and these thoughts are justified. However, we in the CDU do not talk about each other in public, but trust each other about personal issues, and so we will keep doing it. ” That is why the application was not accepted.

Because of the heavy losses in the state and federal elections, there are also calls for new faces at the head of the state party in the Southwest CDU. Strobl has headed the Southwest CDU for ten years and is also interior minister and vice head of government in the green-black coalition. The 61-year-old said in Donaueschingen that he had already advanced the renewal after the state elections. The new CDU parliamentary group leader Manuel Hagel (33) is the youngest in Germany and with Isabell Huber (34) a young woman has become general secretary. Andreas Jung, Union parliamentary deputy and climate expert in the Bundestag, who is said to be interested in the post of CDU federal deputy, which Strobl currently holds, also comes from South Baden.

In the application from the CDU South Baden, however, it says: “The district association should decide to ask the state executive of the CDU Baden-Wuerttemberg before the state party congress to suggest to the state chairman Thomas Strobl to forego a renewed candidacy as first state chairman for the good of the party.” People no longer believe that there will be a realignment of the party under Strobl. He should avert further damage to the state party and “not stand in the way of a further renewal process”.

In contrast, Strobl had received support from the cabinet last week for a renewed application as party leader. After Peter Hauk (agriculture) and Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut (economy), Nicole Razavi (construction) and Marion Gentges (justice) are now campaigning for Strobl’s re-election. In addition, Hauk announced that he wanted to place the district chairmanship of the CDU North Baden in younger hands. His designated successor, member of the Bundestag Moritz Oppelt, also spoke out in favor of stability and a renewed candidacy by Strobl.

The 48-year-old Schwab was re-elected in Donaueschingen with a mixed 80.5 percent of the vote. He has been a member of the European Parliament for South Baden since 2004 and has been district chairman since 2017. The four powerful CDU district chairmen also sit on the presidium of the state party. In addition to Hauk and Schwab, they are Steffen Bilger for Northern Württemberg and Thomas Bareiß for Württemberg-Hohenzollern, both of whom sit in the Bundestag.

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