Participants of the Warsaw Uprising in protest. “We will fight

During Wednesday’s protest against the ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal, two participants of the Warsaw Uprising appeared: Wanda Traczyk-Stawska, pseudonym Pączek and Hanna Stadnik, pseudonym Hanka.

Wanda Traczyk-Stawska announced that women will not yield this time.

If in a pandemic like the disease is so rampant that there are 18,000 new cases, that man [Jarosław Kaczyński – przyp. red.] causes such a situation that women have to go to the streets to defend their dignity … In the Uprising we all fought for our freedom, both boys and girls, because freedom is an element of human dignity and there is no dignity without freedom

– she said in an interview with TVN’s “facts” Wanda Traczyk-Stawska and added that if women are currently treated as incubators, they have the right to fight for their dignity. As she emphasized, the decision of the Constitutional Tribunal is “downright criminal”. – Because how many people will die now because they took to the streets? We have no choice but to go out, shout, demand and say that we will fight – without weapons, but to the last woman, so that we cannot be treated as objects – she added.

“Kaczyński quarreled Polish society”

– Fight for it, because without a fight nothing will succeed. You have to fight till you drop, because you don’t get freedom once and for all. There is freedom of war, but also human freedom, and if the youth do not have it, what kind of country will it be? It is a pity for such a country – said Hanna Stadnik and added that Jarosław Kaczyński “is a very little man”, he is doing very badly for Poland and “will destroy anyone who will be better than him”. She noted that she knew the president’s father PiS, Rajmund Kaczyński, who was her friend.

And he told us this: My children must not be given power, because they will destroy anyone who is better than them. Leszek was different, because Leszek was brought up by his wife, Maria, a wonderful woman. And Leszek mellowed her around her and said himself that this law must not be touched. And this one [Jarosław Kaczyński – przyp. red.]despite the fact that he supposedly appreciates his brother, he did not obey him, he only appeared with such terrible stupidity during the pandemic

– Hanna Stadnik pointed out. As she added, Kaczyński quarreled Polish society, because previously Poles had “a lot of respect and empathy” for each other. She stressed that at the moment, even with the Church, the rulers want to quarrel people. – Either Francis is our Pope, or we are ruled by someone named Rydzyk. The church is at odds, and if Francis said that LGBT people were God’s children, they were furious that the Church continued to treat them as subjects. And Mr. President he said it was an idea, not people. I know these people, they are gentle by nature, they are rather provocations again – she said.

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