Parliament Iraq: all foreign soldiers must leave the country

The resolution is not binding, because the government must first agree to it. Yet the signal is clear: the international coalition that is fighting against terror group IS must leave. The official reason is that IS’s self-proclaimed caliphate has since been eliminated.

The international coalition is led by the United States and consists mainly of Western countries, including the Netherlands.

Everyone away, everything closed

“The Iraqi government must work to end the military presence of all foreign forces on Iraqi territory,” the resolution says. Also, according to the resolution, foreign powers are no longer allowed to use Iraqi waters and airspace.

At the moment there are 5000 American soldiers in Iraq. They are based on an agreement in which Iraq has asked the US to combat terrorist group IS militarily. That agreement now wants to cancel the parliament of Iraq.

It’s up to the government

The ball is now with the government. Earlier, Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi already called on parliament to adopt a ‘dismissal resolution’, but Abdul Mahdi resigned in November because of continuing mass protests against his government. However, he is still outgoing Prime Minister.

The relationship between Iraq and the United States is tense. This week the US embassy in Baghdad was stormed by US opponents. And last Friday, America eliminated Iranian General Soleimani at Baghdad airport.

Today’s ‘dismissal resolution’ is therefore supported by MPs who are Shiite: they adhere to the same Islam movement as Iran and want – especially after the death of Soleimani – to act against the US. The other members of parliament stayed away from the vote.

Earlier today, the international anti-IS coalition announced that it would temporarily stop attacks on IS. This is because all military deployment is now needed to protect its own troops in Iraq against the unrest that has arisen after the elimination of General Soleimani.

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