Parking spaces at beaches are full again, municipalities are calling for bicycles

People who are still on their way to Noordwijk by car can park their vehicle somewhere else and then take a van to the beach, reports Broadcaster West.

The municipality of Bodegraven-Reeuwijk has limited the number of parking spaces at Reeuwijkse Hout, where there are all pools in which people can swim. “We notice that it is too busy,” writes the municipality.

Shorten the bridge

At Gorinchem, the Merwedebrug in the A27 closes in both directions at 5 p.m. Rijkswaterstaat will shorten the movable part of the bridge by one centimeter so that it will not get stuck due to the heat. In addition, like many other bridges in the country, the bridge is cooled with water to prevent damage. The work was completed on Saturday morning.

Across the country, except for the Wadden Islands, the code is yellow because of the heat. In the south of the country in particular, temperatures can rise above 35 degrees. It is expected that the very warm weather will continue until next Thursday.

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