Parking rates up, retail trade ‘not amused’

© WâldNet | The city council will consider the proposal on October 29, 2020


Sun 18 October 2020 5.40 pm

DOKKUM – Entrepreneurs from the Dokkumer city center are upset about the increase in parking rates by 10 cents per half hour. In addition, the Municipal Executive proposes to the council to reintroduce paid parking for the Achtzaligheid car park. The Ondernemersvereniging Dokkum (OVD) wrote to the Municipal Executive: “If this decision is passed, it will have major negative consequences for the city center of Dokkum.”

Both measures provide the municipality of Noardeast-Fryslân with 77,000 euros per year. The Commission considers the increase justified because no indexation has taken place since 2013.

The OVD points out a promise to the Commission in which more parking spaces were promised after the disappearance of places on the Market. “More than half of the parking spaces have disappeared during the renovation and the municipality has promised to compensate for this loss. Nothing is yet visible and we know very little about plans or intentions. The OVD reiterates the position that the compensation for these fallen places in the city center should be found. “

“As long as this is not realized, we ask the municipality to leave the temporary situation with blue zones on the Helling and the Achtzaliteiten as it is and not to return to paid parking in those places.” according to the OVD. The increase also shot the association in the wrong way. “In the city center, it is increasingly evident that retailers are having a hard time, especially now that the corona crisis in Dokkum has also had its consequences. In addition, the parking proceeds are now being used to fill a gap in the multi-year budget.”

The city council will consider this (and other proposals) on 29 October 2020 to finalize the budgets for the coming years.

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