Parking, Onsøy | Jon Vidar ended up paying NOK 84 for seven minutes of parking at Hankø Marina

– I got a bit of a shock.

That’s what Jon Vidar Jacobsen says after receiving the bill for NOK 84, after he allowed himself to be tempted by an advertising sign for soft ice cream along the road near Hankø Marina in mid-July.

He and his wife turned into the car park, parked, went in to buy two ice creams – and drove away again.

The trade took exactly seven minutes.

– If I had been parked there for an hour or longer, I would of course have understood that I had to pay. But here we stopped for seven short minutes, and two weeks later a bill of NOK 84 arrived, he says.

Stinging fee

Jacobsen called Hankø Marina to find out if the fee was actually correct.

– I didn’t get much of an answer. The only thing they said was that I might have to contact EasyPark, he says.

The reason the bill was so high was that Jacobsen did not use the options to pay when he parked, for example by using the EasyPark app.

Because the parking fee itself is NOK 25. The administration fee, on the other hand, is a whopping NOK 59.

– I don’t care so much about the 84 kroner, but I think the process is miserable. Here, the place advertises soft ice cream, and then I think that it is quite hair-raising to send those who allow themselves to be tempted with a bill of NOK 84.

– We must have a system

At Hankø Marina, they believe that the criticism is unreasonable.

Chairman of the board at the marina, Atle Staff, believes that they have now made it both easier and more affordable for customers by introducing the camera solution.

– For the past 12 years, there has been a parking fee for parking out here, but unlike before, you will now be fined if you don’t pay straight away. You actually have several options for paying the tax afterwards. But if you do not make use of these, an invoice will be sent out with an administration fee, says Staff.

He says that customers can both pay at the machine, pay directly in the Easypark app, activate automatic camera parking in the app – or go to P-Norge’s website to pay the fee within 48 hours of parking.

Staff believes the marina is completely dependent on parking fees. Both because it is an income, but also to have structure and control around the parking.

– There are always many people who “just have to”, but if we don’t have tax out here, there will be chaos right away. We have made it more affordable for customers to park here. For example, we have reduced the daily price from NOK 260 to NOK 100. I am happy to accept input on the summer places in the district where it is more affordable, he encourages.

Had received a fine last year

– Do you feel that the shouting from certain people is unreasonable?

– Yes, to a certain extent I do. We are keen to have a neat and good arrangement around the parking lot, both to keep it under control and so that we can get a certain amount of income. You have to remember that our high season lasts for three weeks, and then it’s boiling outside. If we didn’t have parking fees, many of the spaces would be used by people who aren’t even at the marina, he says.

– I have spent a lot of time finding out which solution is best – both for us and the customers. The conclusion is that camera parking is the future. If this customer had done exactly the same thing last year, he would probably have received a fine of NOK 600. So in that sense, we have saved him a lot of money, he says.

– Jacobsen’s Facebook status has been shared almost 600 times – what do you think about that?

– We always get scolded by someone when it comes to parking. But again, there are many ways to avoid this administration fee. We simply cannot satisfy everyone when it comes to this, he says.

In the comments section of Jon Vidar Jacobsen on Facebook, there are many who support him that the fee is unreasonable.

– The soft ice cream was not THAT good

– Shouldn’t you have familiarized yourself with the parking rules when you drove in, Jacobsen?

– I saw that there was a sign there, but I honestly thought that when they advertised soft ice cream and a kiosk, it would be possible to just pop in without paying. We were in the area for only a few minutes, he says.

– The ice cream was so far so good, but it wasn’t worth more than a hundred kroner, which was the price after parking, he says.

Since he did not feel that Hankø Marina was particularly willing to respond to his inquiry, he published a post on Facebook to warn his friends.

A couple of days after publication, close to 50 people had commented, while close to 560 people had shared the post.

– It tells me that this is something that annoys far more people than me. 560 shares is quite violent, he says.

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