Park sheriffs now as corona cops in federal gardens – Vienna

The federal gardens will open from Tuesday. The police will “also use organs for parking space monitoring for the first time,” said State Police President Pürstl.

After a long political dispute between Vienna and the federal government, the federal gardens will finally be opened to visitors again on Tuesday – albeit under strict conditions. These are monitored by the police, for the first time with the support of the parking space surveillance.

“For the first time, we will also use organs for parking surveillance, because the short-term parking zones have been abolished. There is activity for these organs that they can educate and sensitize the population,” said Vienna State President Gerhard Pürstl on Sunday in “Vienna today “.

The park sheriffs are supposed to be at the entrances to the federal gardens and “inform” the people about the distance regulations, as a spokesman for the Vienna police added on request.

Good balance at the weekend

The Easter holidays have so far been “a good weekend and a good balance for the police,” said Vienna State President Gerhard Pürstl. Around 400 advertisements were submitted on Saturday and Easter Sunday until shortly before 7 p.m.

“That is not very much on average. … There were few organ mandates and few official acts that caused problems,” said Pürstl.

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