Park Joo-ho Announces Retirement from Professional Soccer Career

Reporter Ahn Ho-geun of Star News | 2023.06.04 16:09

photo">Park Joo-ho is playing his retirement game on the 6th. /Photo = Suwon FC

Although he boasts an outstanding career, he has not been able to make a big connection with the World Cup, his dream as a soccer player. Afterwards, Park Joo-ho (36, Suwon FC), who became more famous as ‘Na-Eun, Gun-Hoo’s father’, decided to retire from his career. On the 4th, Suwon FC said, “Park Joo-ho will play a home game against Ulsan Hyundai on June 6 at 4:30 pm, and he will finish his career as a professional soccer player and begin his second life.”

It’s a sudden decision to retire. Usually, it is common to end a career with the season unless there is a major injury or a situation where the opportunity to play is rarely obtained, but Park Joo-ho decided to take off his clothes at the end of the season on the 6th.

It’s not that there’s no reason at all. Suwon FC explained, “The match between Ulsan Hyundai (2018-2020) and Suwon FC (2021-2023), the clubs Park Joo-ho played in Korea, will be played on June 6 according to Park Joo-ho’s uniform number 6.”

Park Joo-ho announced his retirement from active duty on the 26th of last month. Director Kim Do-kyun also expressed regret over Park Joo-ho’s sudden decision to retire. It was also reported that his wife, who has been fighting cancer since last November, was deteriorating in health, and that the decision was made for nursing care.

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However, Park Joo-ho shook his head. On the 3rd, he explained the reason through a video on his YouTube channel ‘Captain Pachuho’. “It was a decision made after much discussion with my family and the company, so I ask for your understanding.” You don’t have to worry too much,” he said.

photo">Park Joo-ho explains the reason for his retirement. /Photo = Park Joo-ho’s YouTube channel ‘Captain Pachu-ho’

He continued, “My colleagues around me felt sorry for me, but it’s right to leave when I can show the best image of myself even if I can do it physically for another year or two.” Through the club, Park Joo-ho said, “Thank you to the countless fans who have supported me so far. Thanks to the love and interest of the fans, I was able to come to this point, and thanks to that, I was able to be happier as a soccer player.” “My life as a soccer player is here. It’s over, but I’ll continue to live by repaying the fans’ love.”

It is a farewell that leaves bitterness behind. Park Joo-ho, who has been in the spotlight since his youth national team days, ran his growth path through Japan, Switzerland, and Germany. However, he did not see great glory in the national team. He played 40 matches and scored 1 goal, but he became small in front of the World Cup.

During the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, he fell from the horse at the end due to an unexpected injury. During the 2018 Russian tournament, he started the first game against Sweden, but injured his hamstring while trying to receive a pass from a colleague and had to watch the game from the bench throughout the tournament.

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Since 2018, he has been active in the K-League through Ulsan Hyundai and Suwon FC, and is still active as a key player, so it is a decision to retire that is all the more regrettable.

photo">Park Joo-ho (center), who was active in the national team. /Photo=OSEN

Before the game, a retirement ceremony for Park Joo-ho will be held, and after the game, a press conference for Park Joo-ho’s retirement will be held in the media room of Suwon Sports Complex. At the retirement ceremony scheduled to be held before the match, watching videos of K-League activities so far, Suwon FC owner Lee Jae-joon, Suwon Special Cases Mayor, attended and presented a plaque of appreciation, Suwon FC supporters’ appreciation plaque and Ulsan team’s commemorative frame delivery ceremony, and the players’ families gave away a bouquet of flowers. will deliver

During the game, the plan is to open a card section to commemorate Park Joo-ho’s retirement with the crowd, and induce applause from the crowd for 1 minute in the 6th minute of the first half to convey the meaning of thanks to Park Joo-ho for his dedication to the club.

After the game, a press conference for Park Joo-ho’s retirement is scheduled in the media room of Suwon Sports Complex, and after a question and answer session with reporters, all retirement-related events are concluded.

Regarding Park Joo-ho’s retirement, Choi Soon-ho, general manager of Suwon FC, said, “First of all, I would like to say that you have worked hard. I am grateful that you have brought great joy and emotion to Korean soccer fans, including me, while working as a member of the Korean national team with famous overseas clubs in the past.” “It is a great honor for such a player to finish his career at Suwon FC. I will support him so that he can live a happy life in the future,” he said.

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