Parisi maintains a debt of $ 207 million for alimony: they could stop him when he arrived in Chile | National

During this Sunday it was revealed that the presidential candidate of the People’s Party, Franco Parisi, maintains a debt of $ 207 million related to the alimony of his two eldest children, those who live in Chile, which finally resulted in a rooting order decreed by the justice.

As a result of the arraigo order, the presidential candidate could be detained and would be disqualified from returning to the United States until he pays his debt to justice, as revealed in a Tele13 report issued this Sunday night.

Let us remember that the rooting order it would empower the Department of Immigration and International Police to carry out the arrest.

For his part, the candidate’s lawyer, Mauricio Pavez Galaz, affirmed to our partner CNN Chile that Parisi effectively maintains an arraigo order that was decreed in August 2020. However, he specified that he has not yet been notified because he has been living in the United States since May 2020.

“This established root is illegal, among other things because it was already in the United States, and what it seeks is that the person does not leave the country., then it is unofficial that an order is decreed to a person who is already outside the country and I have heard in the advance of the report (of T13) that the arraigo was to be arrested immediately, but it is false, because it is not an arrest warrant ”, he stated.

“I have not been notified”

Prior to the broadcast of the report by Tele13, Parisi issued a statement on its digital platforms, which was also shared on those of the People’s Party.

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In the letter the standard bearer indicates that yese deals with “reserved matters because two of my minor children are involved”, adding that “never” has been legally summoned and that he has not been notified of any resolution “legally”.

Likewise, he pointed out that he does not owe “the unreal and exorbitant sum that he is trying to charge me. Given the above, I asked the respective court to nullify everything that was done and I will exhaust, through my lawyers, all the actions and steps aimed at defending my rights that have been violated ”.

As he said, he had previously experienced a similar situation in 2013 “and after 4 years I won in the Supreme Court. I am sure that we will win this legal fight, but my children have never lacked for anything and they will never lack ”.

In addition, in the description that accompanied the statement, it was noted: “And did anyone have any doubts that our rise in the polls and having the largest party was going to leave Luksic’s Channel 13 alone? Here is a new attack that we will also end up winning in the courts, like all the previous ones where they never rectify it for public opinion ”.


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