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While in most countries of the so-called third world the policies of the main cities seek to cover the basic needs of their population, a few metropolises in the world can pretend to be the most glamorous cities for the luxuries that its inhabitants literally ‘have at hand’.

These ostentatious cities were analyzed by the finance team of the portal ‘’, which released the ranking of the most luxurious cities in the world.

According to Salman Haqqi, editor of personal finances of the page, factors such as the amount of five star hotels, the designer stores and the restaurants with Michelin stars.

Lovers of the ‘good life’, this is the exclusive list.

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1.Paris, France

Paris has an immense number of critically acclaimed restaurants.

The capital of love was located in the ‘top’ of the most luxurious cities.

According to the analysis, the French capital has 427 Michelin-starred restaurants as a seal of quality and creativity.

In addition, Parisians have 108 stores of the most recognized fashion designers in the world and 95 hotels with a five star rating.

2. London, UK


London is a city that combines historical tradition with modern designs.

The capital of England appears in the second place of the most exclusive cities in the world.

As the report reads, London is emerging as one of the cities with the highest number of five-star hotels.

The distinguished ‘The Ritz’ and ‘The Savoy’ are some of the most acclaimed by travelers.

3. Tokyo, Japan


In this city, you can visit the temple of the goddess of mercy (Senso-ji), a Buddhist center whose shrines, statues and gardens stand out.

The epicenter of the 2020 Olympic Games is globally known for its gastronomic wealth.

In fact, the list stood out almost 300 restaurants that have the prestigious distinction of Michelin stars.

In a way, his classification represented a tribute to Jiro Ono, the renowned Japanese chef who has received three Michelin stars por su restaurante’Sukiyabashi Jiro’.

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4. New York, United States

New York

The iconic Empire State Building offers the best views of the city.

As if it needed an introduction, the acclaimed ‘capital of the world’ appears among the first squares of the most exclusive cities.

It is not a secret that the house of Empire State and the largest stock market in the world boasts an extensive range of luxury hotels and restaurants.

The Mandarin Oriental, one of its most recognized ‘five stars’, was one of those in charge of putting New York in the ‘top 5’.

5. Seoul, South Korea

Cities visited Seoul

Seoul, capital of South Korea.

Recognized in 2012 by the United Nations as one of the cities with higher quality of life, Seoul is a true Asian charm for tourism.

With 354 luxury venuesAccording to the authors of the analysis, it is undoubtedly an ideal place to live with comfort and prestige.

Of all the captivating images of the South Korean capital, the incredible skyscrapers that dot the city stand out. The Lotte World Tower, by 555 meters high, shows that there everything is done ‘from above’.

6. Hong Kong, China

Victoria Peak - Hong Kong

Victoria Peak is an exclusive shopping area located on the highest mountain in Hong Kong.

Despite the political complexity surrounding its existence, Hong Kong has established itself as a great destination for lovers of ‘the good life’.

This commercial port has several architectural attractions that account for the confluence of cultures that set their territory.

The prestigious hotel ‘La Península’ is the best example of that combination of history and modernity that its people breathe.

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7. Shanghai, China

Shanghai J Hotel

The ‘J Hotel’, recently opened tourist center in the imposing Chinese city.

Despite being one of the cities that produces the most greenhouse gases, Shanghai continues to be at the forefront of luxury for its inhabitants.

With 303 Places Worthy of the best covers of travel magazines, the largest city in China is a reference for all lovers of exclusivity.

The Oriental Pearl Tower It is one of those monuments that make one think that the financial center is a place ‘from another planet’.

8. Singapore

Singapore - New Year

Singapore is officially an independent state, which is why it has strengthened the educational and economic quality to fully consolidate itself as a country.

The set of 63 islands It is considered worldwide as one of the most important economic centers.

Given its global relevance, Singapore maintains high standards of sophistication in its venues.

El Marina Bay Sands, an extravagant hotel with three towers, with 57 floors each, is one of the greatest attractions of this particular city-state.

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