Paris Jackson: Love-Out with singer Gabriel Glenn

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Separation from Gabriel Glenn: Paris Jackson is single again

Paris Jackson and singer Gabriel Glenn are no longer a couple

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Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn broke up. After more than two years of relationship is over – what does this mean for your joint music project?

Paris Jackson (22) is single again. After more than two years of relationship, she broke up with Gabriel Glenn, as the US magazine “People” confirms. At first “TMZ” reported about it. In the last episode of their joint documentary series “Unfiltered: Paris Jackson & Gabriel Glenn”, which was released on August 4th, the two already talked about what would happen to their band The Soundflowers if it came to a breakup.

“Gabe showed me that love exists”

In the final of the documentary series, Paris Jackson says about Gabriel Glenn that he is “one of many soul mates” for her. They are both “impatient” and “stubborn”, which creates an “interesting dynamic”. She doesn’t know what the future will bring. “Gabe showed me that love exists […] He makes me not feel so alone. He has influenced me and my life and my heart in a way that I can’t even describe. I can’t imagine my life without him, “she says with tears.

Meanwhile, Gabriel Glenn explains: “When we got together, we said that we always want to be together in a band, even if we don’t work as a couple. Our music was the one thing we wanted to hold on to, no matter what . ”

Neither Paris Jackson nor Gabriel Glenn have publicly commented on their breakup or the future of their band.

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