Paris Hilton overwhelmed by support in protest against ‘abuse boarding school’ | Entertainment

entertainment“>The 39-year-old reality star led the silent protest on Friday after accusing Provo Canyon School staff of her day with physical and verbal abuse in her documentary This is Paris. The Provo Canyon School is a boarding school especially for young people who have difficulty functioning in their own home or school environment, some of whom also struggle with drug addiction or behavioral problems.

entertainment“>According to the British newspaper, several hundred people were present at the protest, who also shared their own stories about the abuse they experienced in this school or similar schools. “You are such incredible people,” Paris praises her supporters, who she also calls ‘survivors’. “I admire your strength, bravery, resilience and passion. And I love you and assist you all. ”

‘Breaking through the code of silence’

entertainment“>For Paris, the protest was “one of the most powerful moments of my life.” “Going back to the place that has haunted me in my nightmares since I was a teenager. To be here, surrounded by hundreds of survivors who have all endured the same pain and abuse as I have. ”

entertainment“>According to her, this is only the beginning and more and more former students will break ‘the code of silence’. “We will show the abusers that we are no longer silent and show their terrible deeds to the outside world. We are taking back our strength and making it loud and clear that this child abuse must stop! ” She therefore calls for the school to be closed.

entertainment“>The boarding school still exists, but has changed hands and is working with a new management team. That is why the school does not want to respond to the criticism that took place under the ‘old policy’. According to a statement on the school’s website, staff are “committed to providing high quality care to youth with special and often complex emotional, psychiatric and behavioral needs.”

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