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20.35 Baumann mocks Paris on arrival for just 0.01! The blue wasn’t lucky, but if he couldn’t keep up with the German, then the prospects are pretty bleak. Now the French Alexis Pinturault.

20.35 Paris has lost too much between the second and third intermediates. Baumann leads by 0.36, then falls behind by 0.09 on the fourth detection.

20.34 Now the German veteran, of Austrian origin, Romed Baumann. 0.01 lead in the second set.

20.33 And so it is. Paris goes wild in the final and gives 72 cents to Giezendanner. Will it be enough for the podium? Too early to tell. However, we can say that the blue seems much more technically stable than last season.

20.33 Paris loses something, he has 0.22 left on the third detection. Now he has to put the turbo.

20.32 Paris ahead 20 cents for the first intermediate, 34 for the second.

20.31 Really very fast track, modest technical difficulties. Last 35 seconds almost completely for sliders. 1’34″89 the Frenchman’s time, now let’s see Dominik Paris immediately!

20.30 The super-G in Lake Louise has started! On the track the Frenchman Blaise Giezendanner.

20.29 Giezendanner at the starting gate.

20.28 Attention to the Swiss champion Marco Odermatt with bib number 6.

20.27 The first to leave will be the French Blaise Giezendanner.

20.26 Cloudy sky and flat visibility.

20.25 We had to bet one euro, we would do it on the Norwegian Kilde, already winner yesterday in the downhill. Lake Louise is a traditional land of conquest for Scandinavians in super-G: in fact, from 2011 to 2018 only Aksel Lund Svindal (4 times) and Kjetil Jansrud (3) won.

20.22 Between Covid and various cancellations, super-G in Lake Louise had not competed since 2019, when the Austrian Matthias Mayer prevailed in front of Dominik Paris, while the Austrian Vincent Kriechmayr and the Swiss Mauro Caviezel finished third on an equal footing.

20.19 Italy must absolutely hope for some signal from young people. Let’s think of the various Franzoni, Franzoso and Molteni: replacements are urgently needed so as not to disappear in a few years.

20.16 Today’s super-G is one of the “easiest” on the calendar, on a track that does not offer major pitfalls from a technical point of view.

20.14 Italy does not get on the podium in super-G just from the 2nd place obtained by Paris three years ago in Lake Louise.

20.11 The starting bibs of the Italians: 2 Dominik Paris, 23 Christof Innerhofer, 30 Mattia Casse, 34 Giovanni Franzoni, 43 Matteo Franzoso, 44 ​​Guglielmo Bosca, 49 Matteo Marsaglia, 50 Nicolò Molteni.

20.07 Dominik Paris has never had a great feeling with the North American races, as indeed confirmed by yesterday’s descent due to the loss of a ski. A ‘zero’ immediately very heavy in the run-up to a specialty World Cup that seems really haunted. In super-G he still boasts two podiums in the Canadian location: 2nd in 2019, 3rd in 2014.

20.05 This is the startlist of the first 30 to leave:

1 194298 GIESZENDANNER Blaise 1991 FRA Atomic
2 291459 PARIS Dominik 1989 ITA Nordic
3 51215 BAUMANN Romed 1986 GER Salomon
4 194364 PAINTING ULT Alexis 1991 FRA Head
5 511896 MURISIER Giustino 1992 SUI Head
6 512269 ODERMATT Mark 1997 ON Stoeckli
7 512038 ROGENTIN Stefan 1994 SUI Fischer
8 511513 CAVIEZEL Mauro 1988 SUI Atomic
9 53902 MAYER Mattia 1990 AUT Head
10 54445 HAASER Raffaello 1997 AUT Fischer
11 422139 SOURCE Aleksander Aamodt 1992 NOR Atomica
12 53980 KRIECHMAYR Vincent 1991 AUT Chief
13 511383 Head FEUZ Beat 1987 SUI
14 6530319 COCHRAN-SIEGLE Ryan 1992 USA Head
15 104531 CRAWFORD James 1997 CAN Head
16 511852 CAVIEZEL Gino 1992 ON Dynastar
17 530874 SO Travis 1988 USA Atomic
18 422310 VICTORY PLACE Adrian Smiseth 1994 NOR Atomic
19 200379 SANDER Andreas 1989 GER Atomic
20 6190176 BAILET Matthieu 1996 DA Head
21 202059 FERSTL Josef 1988 GER Head
22 194858 ALLEGRE Nils 1994 BY Salomon
23 293006 INNERHOFER Christof 1984 ITA Rossignol
24 512124 HINTERMAN Niels 1995 SUI Atomic
25 202762 JOCHER Simon 1996 GER Head
26 54009 WALDER Christian 1991 AUT Salomon
27 103865 PHILP Trevor 1992 CAN Rossignol
28 104096 THOMPSON Broderick 1994 CAN Head
29 54371 BABINSKY Stefan 1996 AUT Head
30 990081 CASSE Mattia 1990 ITA Rossignol
31 202535 DRESSEN Thomas 1993 GER Rossignol

20.03 Last year the super-G World Cup was won by the Norwegian Aleksander Aamodt Kilde in front of the Swiss Marco Odermatt.

20.01 Today’s track was designed by Sepp Brunner, coach of Austria.

20.00 Good evening friends of OA Sport and welcome to the Live Streaming of the men’s super-G of Lake Louise, valid for the Alpine Ski World Cup.


Hello friends of OA Sport, and welcome to the LIVE LIVE of the super-G in Lake Louise (Canada), valid for the 2022-2023 Men’s Alpine Skiing World Cup. After the many cancellations, yesterday’s descent kicked off the season of fast specialties. In the original program the second super-G would have been held today, but the first was canceled to make room for the downhill.

Success yesterday went to the Norwegian Source Aleksander Aamodt who immediately proved to be in great shape. The same can be said of a Marco Odermatt increasingly universal and chasing the third podium in as many races and in as many specialties at the beginning of the season.

The blue Dominik Paris will also try to recover, very unfortunate yesterday in having to say goodbye to a test that seemed very promising due to a ski that came off. Among the men to watch will also be the Austrians Vincent Kriechayer, Daniel Hemetsberger Matthias Meyer, as well as the Swiss Beat Feuz and Niels Hintermann.

Departure scheduled for 20:30 Italians for the super-G test from the Lake Louise track, called Men’s Olympic Downhill. OA Sport will offer you LIVE LIVE text with continuous updates in real time, so you won’t miss even one emotion of the White Circus show. Do not miss!

Photo: LaPresse

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