Parents Spark Debate by Charging Their Teenage Daughter Rent to Live at Home

Rising rent costs have forced many young people to move back in with their parents. Erika and Cody Archie from Texas sparked a heated debate about how they handled a similar scenario. They revealed that they are asking their nineteen-year-old daughter for $200 (€185) a month to live with them. Kylee Deason graduated from high school last May, but her parents told her she would have to start paying rent on June 1. “$200 is not enough to live as a larva in your parents’ house,” Cody said in a TikTok video.

Erika explained that the amount was more to cover food costs, prompting her husband to reply that the rent would increase to $300 a month if their daughter “eats the fridge.” “We think it teaches them a good lesson in paying the bills,” added the mother.

Many users agreed that it is reasonable to expect teenagers of a similar age to pay up and start contributing to the family home. “Once they start earning regularly, having to contribute to their parents will help prepare them for the real world and independent adulthood,” Bessie Hassan thinks according to “Some parents may charge board for financial reasons if they need to help subsidize living expenses, while others might be more interested in teaching their offspring good financial habits.” added.

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The idea of ​​charging for housing for children divided social networks into two camps. “Not for me. My bills were here before my kids and they’ll be here after them. Now they can get some toilet paper or supplies every now and then, but not this for me.” said one of the commenters. “I know it’s rare, but I will always help my children, regardless of age,” another remarked.

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Others agreed that paying child support to parents can teach young people valuable lessons about maturity and saving money. “Yes. It’s a great lesson. I told my seventeen year old daughter that I can’t wait until she has to buy her own groceries. She takes everything apart and wastes so much food.” revealed one of the mothers.

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