Parents of Vocational School Students Who Married 2 Girls Wish Their Children Will Be Allowed to Stay in School, This said the School – A student School Vocational Intermediate (SMK) at West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, initials AR (18) married two girls in a month.

It is known that the two women married to AR are with the initials, F, who has just graduated from junior high school and has not had time to register for high school, and M who is still in Madrasah Aliah, equivalent to SMA.

Over wedding that, AR’s parents hope parties school still allow their children to go to school.

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Regarding the request, the Deputy for Public Relations of SMKN Gerung Suswantin said that his party would provide an opportunity for AR to continue his studies.

“As long as there are no rules governing students not being allowed to go to school if they are married, we will give AR the opportunity to participate in teaching and learning activities as usual,” said Suswantin, when visiting AR’s house.

Meanwhile, AR’s father, AY (37) said that he was able to provide for his two daughters-in-law. But his son must continue his studies.

“Let him (AR) continue school. I will give him food, bear his wife’s needs, the important thing is he continues school, because he is already in grade 3 high school,” he said.

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Previously it was reported, AR’s marriage with two women in less than a month went viral on social media.

The first wife with the initials F, who is known to have just graduated from junior high school (SMP) and has not had the chance to register high school.

Meanwhile, the second wife with the initials M is still in Madrasah Aliah, equivalent to SMA.

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AR’s father, AY (37) said, what happened to his son had happened. He only hopes that his son can get along with his two wives.

“How can this be a match and it has happened, so we want it or not we have to be happy to live it,” he said, Saturday (17/10/2020).

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(Central Lombok Contributing Writer, Idham Khalid | Ancient Editor David Oliver)


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